Spain to be on Germany’s Quarantine List

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Germany is putting most of Spain including the tourist island of Mallorca on the quarantine list. As coronavirus virus cases are spiking there.

This announcement by the government has blown the hopes of mass tourism after several months of lockdown. This decision came to stop the spread of the virus as this is a high season for tourism in Europe.

However, Mallorca is now on the list of high-risk regions published by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), Germany’s public health agency.

The government has put all of Spain except for the Canary Islands on the quarantine list. And it would be on RKI’s next list of risk regions.

The German Foreign Ministry is typically following the designations as risk regions and warning against touristic travel. To those areas and mean people returning from there face a coronavirus test or two weeks’ compulsory quarantine.

The Balearic islands which are Spain’s northwestern coast, include holiday destinations like Ibiza. However, it is among the most popular destinations for north European sunseekers.

Criteria For High Risk Countries

The German government has set criteria for considering regions within the European Union with high-risk. As the number of new coronavirus infections reaches more than 50 cases per 100,000 people over the course of seven days.

Infections in Spain have spiked in recent days following the end of Spain’s tough lockdown seven weeks ago.

On Friday there were almost 3,000 new cases. However, it is double the average in the first 12 days of August. It had brought the total of virus cases to 342,813 – the highest number in Western Europe.

But the Balearic Islands have some of the lowest daily infections among the Spanish regions. After peaking at around 80 cases in July, they have come down to 9 as reported by the health ministry on Friday.

Spani is closing down the nightclubs, banning drinking in outdoor public areas. And all but outlawed smoking to try to stem the virus resurgence.

Germany reopened its borders for 31 countries on 15 June, after imposing lockdown in March, due to the coronavirus pandemic outbreak, announced the German Foreign Minister, Heiko Maas. 

The Minister stated in a press release, “The Federal Government decided on June 3, 2020, that the travel warning for the member states of the European Union, for Schengen-associated states. And for the United Kingdom should be lifted from June 15 and replaced by individuals travel advice.”

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