A Partial Second Lockdown for Spain

Easy traveling in Spain

The number of coronavirus cases is increasing in Spain and the country is imposing a second local lockdown.

The UK has eased its travel restrictions for 73 countries. However, Spain is also on that list. Spanish travelers do not have to quarantine after July 10.

Many tourists have already left for their holiday destination after the announcement of releasing the ban.

Travelers had to go through new mandatory health screenings at Malaga Airport in Spain and had to wait in long queues.

However, the country will be imposing the new local lockdowns in two regions of Spain. As the coronavirus cases are increasing in these regions. Moreover, the people traveling to these two places might have canceled their holidays if restrictions are imposed.

The two regions where lockdown will be imposed are.

La Marina, Galicia

Last Sunday at midnight the authorities had to close the area. And people living in the Galician town of La Marina will be facing new rules until Friday.

However, the lockdown decision came as there was a new outbreak of more than 100 people, and their result for coronavirus came positive. In total there were 258 cases of coronavirus on July 5.

The lockdown will not be as strict as previously done. However, people can gather at a place but with a limit of ten people only.

Moreover, people have to wear a face mask when leaving their homes as it is mandatory. Bars and restaurants are operating at half the capacity to follow social distancing.

Regional health minister Jesus Vazquez Almuina on Sunday said the increase in cases in this area was due to people gathering at bars.

Lleida province

The lockdown of western Catalan city of Lleida and the rest of Segrià county saw 200,000 residents face stricter rules.

One of the worst-hit Spanish regions by the coronavirus is Catalonia. On Saturday, the number of people in this region affected by the virus has tripled in 10 days. 

Data from the Catalan health ministry shows that the increase in the number of cases is 155 in the Lleida region on Friday.

The officials are having a conflict whether they should make wearing face masks mandatory in all public at all times. This restriction means that people will have to wear the mask while on the beach and even while sunbathing on the beach.

However, at the moment sunseekers can ditch them once they are on the sand.

A spokesman for the Generalitat, Catalonia’s regional government, said: “We will have to live with coronavirus for the next few months. That’s a reality.”

“The virus is still here and will continue to spread. While we don’t have a vaccine we will have to put in place other types of barriers.”

In addition, he said, “We think that by making face masks mandatory, we will guarantee that they are used as they should be.”

Due to the lockdown restriction, the government was advising the residents not to travel between towns. And there were police setting up checkpoints to discourage people from traveling.

Spain’s health minister, Salvador Illa, said the situation was closely followed by the government.

He tweeted, “Social distancing and lockdown measures were the key to flattening the curve.

“Now they are needed again to stop the outbreaks.”

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