Southwest Airlines Fare Sale

Busy flying schedule

Usually, Southwest Airlines launches fare sale twice a year one in June and the other one in October. 

However, the airline has announced this year’s June sale. The airline has announced its sale a few weeks later than usual. The airline is offering lower fares than in recent years due to the coronavirus pandemic that has reduced the travel demand. 

Lower Fare Than Last Year 

The nation’s largest domestic carrier is offering one-way fares begin at $39. Whereas last year it was offering $49 and also in 2018. However, for longer flights, it is offering sale fares of $79 and $99 each way. But airline fares generally change according to route and travel date. 

The airline’s three-day sale mostly covers travel between August 11 and December 17. This does not include travel during Thanksgiving. The airline did not include last year’s Labor Day weekend in its annual sale. 

However, these sale fares do not include Fridays and Sundays and other traditional Holidays. More days of the week are blacked out for flights to and from Las Vegas and Florida, which are popular vacation destinations for the Americans. 

The destination’s they will be flying to for $39 

The routes or destinations with their fare are available on the airline’s website and travelers can search from there. Some routes the airline will be flying to are: 

  • Baltimore to/from Charlotte, Charleston, Detroit, and Hartford. 
  • Chicago to/from Indianapolis, Cleveland, and Cincinnati.
  • Phoenix to/from Las Vegas, Albuquerque, and San Diego.
  • Houston to/from New Orleans, Oklahoma City, Dallas, and San Antonio. 
  • Detroit to Chicago, Nashville, and St. Louis. 

However, other airlines also try to match Southwest’s sales, which enables travelers to choose around from the best deals and routes. 

Guidelines in Place 

Similar to other airlines Southwest is also implementing extensive safety measures. This is to make travelers feel safe to travel with Southwest. The airline is not booking the middle seat till September 30, to avoid passengers from sitting closely. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is not relaxing its guidelines about travel during the pandemic. As coronavirus cases and deaths were reported in all 50 states. 

However, all airlines are following the guidelines given to them in the response to the pandemic. Many airlines are implementing enhanced cleaning protocols and social distancing is the topmost priority. 

“Because travel increases your chances of getting infected and spreading COVID-19, staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others from getting sick,” the agency states on its website. 

Time For Summer Vacation 

However, despite strict precautionary measures and guidelines Southwest and other major US airlines have seen a great increase in demand for travel. 

As summer is approaching and states are easing the lockdown restrictions people are eager to travel. They are booking more flights for June and July than they were canceled in March and April. 

Moreover, the Transportation Security Administration reported more than 600,000 passengers and airport and airline employees on Monday for the first time since mid-March. But, this number is still down by 78% from last year and more than 87,534, which was in mid-April this year.

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