Sharm el Sheikh – The Egyptian Wonder

Best vacation in Egypt

If you thought Egypt had a lot of history and mummy fantasy to offer – think again!

The naughty nightlife, the exotic reefs, and beautiful nature all are merged in this hidden gem of Egypt.  Sharm el Sheikh is an amazing place to check out in Egypt. The one important thing is you do not get direct flights for Sharm El Sheikh from the US or Europe. Therefore, be ready for layovers but trust our word that it is worth it.

You can have a look at the best flight and hotel options with us. Not only it makes a great family vacation spot after an engaging week in historical Egypt, but it is a great romantic and fun getaway spot for couples and nature lovers alike.

Diver’s Paradise

This place is the mecca for marine life lovers and water babies. You have so much to explore and so many things to see that it will blow your mind. Scuba divers have a secret affair with this town.

Jackson Reef Dive Site

The Egyptian water holds many wrecked ships remains. Many reefs and sites have the wrecks as the main attraction for divers. Jackson Reef is home to a freighter Lara. The remains of this ship are one attraction for the divers. However, the major attraction is the marine life in it. Jackson Reef is between the Sinai Peninsula and Saudi Arabia’s southern tip.

Thistlegorm Dive Site

This is by far the most famous site for wreck divers. The history of this wreck dates back to WWII. When the German bombers sank this loaded ship with supplies for British troupes.

This wreck is situated in the Straits of Gubal, off the western coast of the Sinai Peninsula. People have a choice of either a long one-day boat trip from Sharm el-Sheikh or an overnight trip. In the overnight trips have one has a choice of a night dive of the wreck.

Jolanda Reef Dive Site

This site is in the famous Ras Mohammad Marine Park. The remains of a ship Jolanda attract many divers to explore this site. Also, the shipwreck divers have the love for Jolanda Reef. This reef has the coral walls of Shark Reef with a variety of fish and breathtaking coral gardens.

Thomas Reef Dive Site

This site is a part of Tiran Straits. Snorkel or dive with God’s beautiful marine life. The variety of fo swimming fish will leave the first-timers bedazzled with the colors of the corals and the fish.

Colored Canyon

Other than the thriving underwater activities Sharm el Sheikh has a lot more to offer. The bright red and orange rocks are an inspiring sight of this desert. A good day in exploring the layered rock shaped in unique boulders, narrow alleys will give you a good work out. Climb up and explore the beauty of this place by hiking up with your kind of people who love exploring.

Ras Mohammed National Park

Most diving sites are a part of this park. One has the access to the top-notch beaches of this city. There is  Old Quay Beach and Aqaba Beach. Also, the mangrove forest and a beautiful salt lake all make this National Park an amazing place to be discovered.

Naama Bay

So about your living, eating, and partying – this is an answer. Here you find endless beach areas to play, lie down, and enjoy. Once done with beaching you have a variety of restaurants, cafés, and souvenir stores to explore.

The Bay area is lined with many resorts where families and kids have all kinds of places and eventful activities designed for them.

Party options

All the drinks are available at Naama bay. There is a great amount of wine, beach party, and amazing bars and pubs for the party lovers. The city is a part of a Muslim country. Therefore, everything is done with proper rules to not disturb the law and order of the city.  

The nightlife and nightclubs here are plentiful. You choose how much you want to party and this town has a lot to offer.

Shark’s Bay

So if Namma Bay is Soho, Shark’s’ Bay is the exclusive Upper East Side. This place is the choice of the classiest of all people. Not only it receives the gentry it also has some amazing five-star resorts that give culinary delights, party nights, and amazing privacy and ambiance to the party lovers.

 Saint Catherine’s Monastery

Followers of Moses have a connection with this monastery. A beautifully built and preserved architecture of this building is one, of the oldest functioning Christian Monastery. The garden of this monastery has fruit trees of olives, plums, and apricots. This place is of great reverence for the Greek Orthodox Christians.

It is constructed at the foot of Mount Sinai – A place where Moses received the Ten Commandments.

Mount Sinai

This is the perfect hike and a monumental place for history and religion lovers. The followers of Abraham find this hike more like a pilgrimage. It is the place where Moses spoke to God and received the Ten Commandments. Many people climb up to explore the orange and brown heights to see the real beauty of the land.

Also, there is a hiking tour planned in the cooler hours to escape the sun, so that the sunrise can be seen from the top.

So try this amazing city which has a lot to offer for people of all ages and likings. Egypt is a great country and Sharm el Sheikh is one more city that needs to be on your list when planning your Egypt tour.




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