Secret Destinations in Prague

Sights in Prague

Prague is one of the most uniquely beautiful and interesting cities in all of central Europe. Moreover, the beautiful gothic architecture and exotic and ancient history pulls tourists to visit Prague. The city has the world’s famous monuments such as the Charles Bridge; Prague Castle; St. Vitus Cathedral; The Dancing House, and so much more.

Consequently, if you were to search ‘Best Destinations In Prague’ you would likely get a list of all of these places. However, if you are looking for some of the more ‘underground’ or ‘local’ sites and scenes, then this might help you. Let’s take a look at a few spots in Prague that only locals know about. While the tourists live for such real experiential places. For these experience diggers, a few of such places are compiled

Vojanovy Sady

Prague is filled with beautiful parks, and scenery to enjoy. One of the most beautiful places to unwind, and read a book is the small park of Vojanovy Sady. The park is filled with flower-lined pathways and a gorgeous botanical garden. However, the real star of the show is the peacocks.

Vojanovy Sady is filled with wild peacocks dancing around that you can see and take pictures of. The tourists are taking pictures, relaxing and suddenly the peacock party starts dancing. One after another they form a group and show the most endearing dances. This little ‘peacock park’ is easily accessible from the city center, and is almost completely devoid of tourists. This is definitely one of the best-kept secrets in Prague.

Hotel NH Cable Car

These two buildings are linked by a cable car that takes you to the upper building. At the top, is one of the most gorgeous views of the city you will ever find, and a cute little cafe where you can eat and get drinks. This cable car is free to ride, and you don’t need to be a guest of the hotel to use it.

Also, the best part is that nobody knows about it unless you are a guest at the hotel! So you can enjoy one of the most ‘hidden’ of all the attractions in Prague, and experience a view that even most locals have never seen.

Vzorkovna (Dog Bar)

The city of Prague is filled with subterranean cellars and underground facilities. Locals have converted these creatively into various things over the years. Dog Bar is an underground bar (literally) that has converted some of these subterranean rooms and tunnels into an eclectic watering hole. At Dog Bar, you will find exotic artwork on the walls, rafters you can sit in, tables made of doors and legos, and even an empty bathtub people sit in. It is truly is a wild experience; and the staff and beverages are absolutely amazing!

Not to mention, there are actual dogs roaming around! So go ahead show y our dog love to them while enjoying your drink. Dog Bar is a one of a kind place to grab a drink, and you are unlikely to find any other tourists there.

Final Thoughts

Prague is filled with all kinds of small little attractions that many might miss unless they are looking for them. The next time you’re in Prague, don’t be afraid to explore, because you never know what adventures might be around you, or beneath you.

Prague was once called a golden city. Once you visit Prague you’d know why. The beauty, its splendor is worth the real gold. So pack your bags to see the beautiful architecture that shows the golden history of this world.

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