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The year 2020 had been a roller coaster for many of us. So last week I found the old post that I forgot to share with people. The load of work has been a lot this year and so I took a decision of a simple flight from New York to Seattle. Sometimes a small break or a trip makes things clear. And it was exactly what happened. Thank God I heard that voice and enjoyed the most in Seattle.

Growing up I saw my mom religiously watching Grey’s Anatomy, so that love for Seattle was there. As I came here on Friday morning I had time to do a few things in the given three days. First I had to meet an old school pal which was a good meeting, more about it later. The few places that I could manage to see and loved, I will discuss them here.

Woodland Park Zoo

There is everything to love about this place. Firstly, it was on my list as it is a big touristy thing to do. Secondly, the fear of staying home all the time is what I wanted to combat. So off I went to see nature’s wild children out in the famous zoo. I tell you, I was not at all bored.

The best part the animals are not caged, I took good long walks. The weather was good as September gives a good end of summer feeling.

Pike Place Market

The quintessential Seattle place that must be discovered or seen is this market. You can take a good stroll to get a good fish or fresh farm fruits to eat on your way. As I was living at an Airbnb home, I took not only the fish but a few herbs back home.

I spent quite a long time eating here. As social distancing was followed really well here, I had a good time. I ate a couple of scones and sandwiches and sat down at the old stove brewery. I had an amazing time there. The brewery lived up to its name. The aged beer was refreshing and totally worth the hype. This market is a must experience and must-see for all.

Space Needle

This may not be important for many to see, as we have seen it plenty of times on the TV. But I went there for my mom. She loved my picture stories and it was something that could make her smile so yeah why not!

Honestly, I was blown when I took the elevator up and saw the city in front of me. Call it luck, but it was almost sunset time. The golden sun and the whole city skyline in front of you will mesmerize you.

Museum of Pop Culture

Music lovers or architecture fans, both will love to be here. One sees the great guitars broken by musicians, their notebooks, album covers. But more than that one gets to work on their own in the Sound Lab. So you learn to make your own music, yeah at least I did and I realized it is not my forte. The electric guitar is so not my cup of tea.

My most favorite part was the lower level of the edifice, where they have shown their love for sci-fi and fantasy world. I had the best time here seeing my star trek life coming to life. There is so much of the cult classic movies and sci-fi world that I could stay for really long here.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Center

A life spent on the wellbeing of others is worth it. This place was on my list because I really like being inspired. Seeing big buildings and offices is inspiring. However, the real high in life comes when you see humanity being served. The stroll in this center is exactly what I needed; it warmed my heart and allowed me to think about how I can be a better version of myself.

My strolls in the Seattle parks were also amazing which I will share in more detail with the team. The kind of break I was looking for this year, is what I got. I will totally recommend you to drive or fly to Seattle and take that long due break. Did I mention that Starbucks was born in this amazing city and that I had ample coffee here to keep myself charged?

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