Sale on Spain Packages by EasyJet Holidays

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EasyJet Holidays is offering discounts on Spain’s holidays a new sales strategy for British travelers in 2021.

However, it is offering £100 off all getaways whether you are traveling to a beach destination or going towards the city.

The travel company is offering this deal on bookings over £1,000. However, packages in this offer include flexible flight times, 23k luggage per person, and resort transfers.

You can currently secure holidays with a £60 deposit (per person), with the balance due 28 days before departure.

However, these offers are available on the EasyJet Holidays website. And customers can pick a trip and use the discount code SPAIN100 at checkout.

There are many travel dates from which a customer can choose. However, the offers are valid for holidays from January 1, 2021, through to October 31, 2021.

Travelers need to book these deals by Tuesday, October 20 when the sale ends.

At the time of writing, the Foreign Office advises against all non-essential travel to Spain, including the Balearic and Canary Islands. More information is available regarding travel restrictions in the latest FCDO Spain advice.

New Protection Promise

Due to uncertainty in travel plans of the customers during the pandemic easyJet Holidays launch a new Protection Promise for its customers.

However, this offer provides various features to give more flexibility to the customers. But a key highlight is that if you change your mind up to 28 days before your departure date, you can get a full refund with no extra fees.

This sits alongside the brand’s existing policy to cancel any holidays where there is “a known quarantine or self-isolation requirement in the destination”.

However, EasyJet customers can change their holiday bookings online. And that too free of any charges but the customers will have to change the dates up to 28 days before the due travel date.

Easyjet Holidays is giving customers a refund if they change their mind about an upcoming trip. This offer comes to attract new bookings amid the current pandemic.

However, under its new ‘Protection Promise’, the holiday company says those who book both flights and accommodation with it will now receive more booking flexibility.

Due to coronavirus, the holiday companies are severely suffering and it is also damaging the customer’s confidence. However, the holiday provider hopes that more customers will feel comfortable booking with these new measures in place.

Decision-Based on the Research

Research undertaken by Easyjet Holidays revealed that 53 percent of Britons are only willing to book a holiday abroad at the moment. If they feel confident their money is protected.

A further 46 percent are concerned about not being able to get a refund if a holiday cannot go ahead. And 38 percent worries about losing money if they need to change their travel plans.

Matt Callaghan, customer director at Easyjet Holidays said, “Consumer confidence in holidays abroad has taken a huge hit this year. And travelers have different priorities now when it comes to booking a trip.”

“With the restrictions continuing to change. The industry must step up and adapt to this new reality to rebuild consumer trust.” 

“That’s why we’re launching our new Protection Promise, setting a benchmark for customer flexibility in the industry. And encouraging travelers to book their holidays with the reassurance that if things change they are protected.”

“And this isn’t a short-term move, this is a fundamental change to what customers can expect whenever they book with Easyjet holidays.”

Whilst the average time of 12 days for holiday refunds isn’t a guarantee included in the Protection Promise. It is an industry-leading standard that Easyjet holidays are also aiming to achieve.

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