Safety tips for air travel this holiday season

Travel with safety

There is a lot of trepidation regarding resuming travel. Although, Europe seems to be in the grip of another wave of Covid-19. Yet, there are people wanting to fly back home or visit their loved ones after around a year. Also, what better than the occasion of Christmas and holidays to visit one’s own people.

Therefore, our team answered the most common questions regarding air travel during Covid-19 so that people can find some answers to their queries.

Masks and shields

The first thing is the virus gets transmitted through the mucus membranes of the eyes, nose, and mouth. Therefore, a mask covers the two inlets effectively. Therefore, a mask is mandatory. However, with the mask, there are few very common but most important pointers to be remembered.

  • In case of a reusable mask wear your own mask.
  • Make sure the mask is washed and sterilized via heat or iron.
  • If a disposable mask is used, always use a fresh one after four hours.
  • Make the mask fix well on the nose.

Face shields, on the other hand, provide an extra layer of protection primarily to the eyes. However, one best advantage of the shields is that the person ends up not touching their faces. This is in essence the best purpose served and it minimizes the chances of contracting the virus.

Seating full capacity or seating with distance

As many economy class flying is done with the social distancing of a seat gap given. Thus it sounds better to travel safe rather than with facilities of business class and chances of catching the virus with a higher probability. However, if you are traveling as a family you can always book seats in a fashion that only your family ends up sitting together. Again wearing masks and keeping one’s hands clean is half the work done.

Sanitizing everything

The problem with travel is there are plenty of surfaces. The cab door, carousel, call button everything. So the only answer to this is. Wherever you sit, for a while clean it with wipes. It was a known fact that planes are one of the most germs infested places ever. However, this knowledge was not quite common earlier.

What’s the solution?

You keep a sanitizer in your pocket with a pack of wipes. Wherever you sit clean it up and then sanitize your hands. However, with the kids, it may become difficult. So with kids, you give them something to be really busy with. A new toy, coloring book, or a great movie on the plane. Clean their seats for once and stay in peace.

Eating or drinking on a plane

Well like they say you are safe as long as you don’t open the door for the thief. Similarly, you are in a better spot with a mask on. So, if the flight is short do not eat or drink because once you land you can do it!

If the flight is long or there is a medical need to keep oneself full. Then take the mask off for the least possible time. Also, see for timings. Try to eat or drink when nearby passengers have their masks on. You can also, bring your own shake or a quick bite to avoid flight food.

One long flight or two short flights

This is a very common question. Let’s dissect the answer for the ease.

  • One long flight means one time of queues, luggage, and boarding times.
  • Plane air circulation is rapid all the time, other than boarding and plane taxiing.
  •  Ventilation systems on aircraft bathrooms have negative pressure. This means that air is drawn out of the bathroom and exposure chances are minimal.

Based on the above three points, you see that being on a plane is not quite scary. However, if you make one long flight divided into two shorter flights. You increase your number of contacts with strangers. Additionally, you double the time of queues, boarding, and other things done at the airport. Consequently, you end up meeting and touching more things than one does in a single flight.

So, eventually, if you cannot hit the road there is hope. You can enjoy the holidays with your loved ones. We all are trying to embrace the new normal. So doing it needs some more patience and tact. There is hope and if we follow the rules there are chances of us being safe like earlier.

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