Safety Regulations of Hotels in Egypt

Hospitality in Egypt

The Egyptian government has issued safety regulations for hotels. All hotels are to implement those safety measures in order to attract domestic tourists. 

Hotels can operate when they comply with the measures set by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities as well as World Health Organization guidelines. 

The government has allowed 99 hotels to reopen at a quarter of their usual capacity. However, they have to follow strict health and safety protocols. 

These safety regulations include hotels having an on-site clinic with a resident doctor, the temperature checking of guests, and a quarantine area.

Precautionary Measures

Ministry of Tourism released a video explaining which precautionary measures to follow. These measures are given in order to protect tourists when visiting a hotel. 

Hotels will provide the guests Personal Protection Equipment and hand sanitizers. Elevators will operate at 50% capacity. And public areas will undergo disinfection and cleaning after every hour. 

Guests must register online. However, the workers will have to take a quick coronavirus test before entering the resorts. Most importantly, there should a hotel floor or small building assigned as a quarantine area.

So, anyone with positive testing or is a suspecting coronavirus case can quarantine in that area. 
Hotels are operating at a maximum of 50% capacity. 

Hotel Check-In

According to the Ministry of Tourism, hotels must do check-in electronically or using disposable pens. Guests entering or leaving the hotel will get their luggage sanitized. The temperature of the guests will be taken before entering the hotel. 

Rooms will be cleaned on daily basis using tools that help the prevention of Infection. However, rooms will be disinfected after check-out. 

Hotel’s Restaurants and Cafes

Hotels are keeping tables with a space of two meters apart with one meter between chairs. Sanitizers will be available on each table. 

There will be no buffets. Additionally, hotels will not arrange large events or allow shisha.

Gym And Spa Services 

Every hour the staff will disinfect and clean the surface and equipment of the gym. Moreover, the spacing of equipment should be maintained. 

Shower areas are not open. Similarly, jacuzzis, steam rooms, saunas, and massage facilities will not be available. 

Swimming Areas 

There is regular cleaning of areas around the swimming pools. The staff is regularly maintaining and disinfecting swimming areas. 

The placement of sunbeds will be two-meter spacing. Beach towels to be given in rooms and not near the pools and beaches. 

Safety Measures for Workers 

Workers will masks and gloves when at work. Temperature checking of workers is mandatory before letting them enter the premises. 

Providing training and education to the staff is mandatory on what precautionary measures should be taken against coronavirus. Any staff member returning from holidays must quarantine before resuming work. 

Egyptian Tourism

International tourism will not return to Egypt anytime soon. Egypt closed all its restaurants, hotels, and cafes in March.

However, it also suspended all its international flights amid the pandemic. Shutting all its tourism operations has cost the tourist sector $1 billion per month. 

Most importantly, tourism contributes about 12%-15% of gross domestic product. Airports are not open for international flights. But, domestic and repatriation flights are operating.

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