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The year 2020 has been catastrophic for the whole world. Starting from the Chinese New Year when the Coronavirus surfaced until now, traveling has been a difficult procedure. However, the countries have dealt with Covid-19 as well as defeated it and so they are slowly albeit, carefully opening up for travel.

Many countries are easing the travel restrictions for the summer. People want to shed their fears and enjoy themselves again. The best news is certainly a few continents opening for tourists.

A few of the tourist hot spots opening up in Europe are:

  • France
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Greece
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom

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The Covid-19 gripped Europe badly in the initial months of 2020. The fatalities and lockdowns were terrorizing for all. Additionally, the fear of no medicine was increasing anxiety. However, with time the cases have been controlled, and the business and trade sector finally recovering. All of this led to a slow recovery of Europe.

Firstly, Europe is a leader in international tourism. It gets a footfall of 600 million foreign tourists. Secondly, July begins the peak season of tourism. Furthermore, August happens to be the busiest of all months. Therefore, the decision to open up was expected to come.

Stated in the Europen Commission statement, the goal for EU tourism is ” To help the EU tourism sector recover from the pandemic, by supporting businesses and ensuring that Europe continues to be the number one destination for visitors.”

All in all, most countries are working on a few basic things. They are letting tourists come from countries that have low or no Covid-19. Additionally a few are following Travel Bubble. Most commonly, they are putting visitors to a 14-day quarantine term.


France is the most visited country before Covid-19. However, the grip of Coronavirus changed it all. Although, its hotels, bars, and cafés are to remain closed this June. Yet, the country is opening up for tourists.

The concept of social distancing will be implemented. This time is great for private rental companies to boost their business. Louvre, the most visited museum is set to reopen in July. Presently, this is a soft reopening of France to assess how they cope with tourists.

France will keep the 14-day coronavirus quarantine term on the UK citizens and those who are not EU citizens.


Spain has been actively practicing social distancing. The beaches have been opened up with a mask being mandatory. Spain is all set to embrace tourists in July. However, their chief concern is safety.

The government is strict about the health of visiting tourists. Additionally, they want to establish Corona Corridors with neighboring countries.

One beach town of Spain has also introduced an app for beach lovers to book their appointment slots.


The Italian spirit to fight is commendable. Italy was one of the worst Covid-19 hit countries in the world. However, the strict protocols and lockdown helped the country to come back to normalcy.

Italy opened the doors of St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican on May 18th. They are now opening Rome’s Vatican Museums. In essence, they have taken a calculated risk for the tourism sector.

In order to attract more visitors, Sicily has offered to pay half of the visitor’s flight cost as well. Italy has been active in getting back on their feet and getting a better economy.


Greece did a commendable job at controlling their Civud-19 cases. However, the fear of the virus stopped international tourism worldwide. Their Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said, “Let us make this summer the epilogue of the [Covid-19] crisis.”

As Greeks have been cautious already their strategy is simple for tourists. Each tourist coming in will arrive at Athens for entry. The tourists will be subject to a rapid Covid-19 test at the entrance. this method will ensure no future transmissions in the country.


Turkey has become a hot spot for tourists in the past few years. Sadly, the Covid-19 wave hit them as well. After curtailing the cases and transmission of Coronavirus, Turkey is ready to welcome tourists.

They have gone a step further by opening-up hotels. However, guests will maintain social distancing and wear masks. The cleanliness and health protocols such as temperature checks and room sanitization are implemented.

Intercity travel has resumed in Turkey. Additionally, parks cafes and beaches have also opened up for the public. Therefore, they are ready to welcome tourists with health regulations in place.

United Kingdom

The UK has been a more strict country in terms of regulations. A 14-day self-quarantine period has been implemented for all arriving travelers. Moreover, all travelers will share their address where they self isolate themselves.

As the statistics present cases of Covid-19 in the UK, their government is also reluctant. Yet, the government is looking into safe corridor options to kickstart the travel. The air travel industry is at the lowest in the UK. This is a result of the strict policies implemented by the government.

These rules have affected the aviation and hospitality industry. However, all policies are revised every three weeks based on the number of cases.

Europe has been brave in fighting the Coronavirus. But the struggle is far from over. Nonetheless, economic prospects cannot be ignored. Therefore, there is a silver lining out there for all. International tourism will start slowly. There are countries opening-up. The best part is a decline in the rates of hotels and tickets. So, be ready to pack your bags because Europe is back to welcome tourists.

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