Ryanair Offering BOGOF Deal to Attract More Customers

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Ryanair, the budget airline is offering ‘buy one flight, get one free’ until December 14. But passengers must book the tickets by midnight as planes fly at 40 percent full.

This is the first time in the airline’s history that it is offering such a deal to boost its sales as passenger numbers are going down.

However, this offer passengers who book a flight before midnight on Thursday. This will be for travel up to December 14 on selected routes and will get a second ticket for free.

Operating at Reduced Capacity

The airline’s announcemnet for this offer came after it said that it will be reducing its operations due to coronavirus travel restrictions. 

However, it will be flying at 40 percent capacity in October as compared to last year. But it previously said that it will be flying at 50 percent capacity. And has reduced its capacity due to low demand.

Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary said demand for future bookings is ‘terrible’.

In an interview, he said, “Into November and December our forward bookings are running at around 10 percent. That’s about a quarter of where they would normally be at this time of the year.”

In addition, he said, “We can’t rule out job losses but in Ryanair, we’re certainly desperately working with our people to prevent them.”

Concerns For Future

Earlier today O’Leary showed concerns that in the UK hundreds of thousands of travel and tourism jobs are at risk. However, in the coming months if the government does not offer proper support to workers and relaxes travel restrictions many workers will lose their jobs.

The CEO was speaking hours ahead of the announcement of new UK COVID support measures. And weeks ahead of the launch of a European Union plan to coordinate travel restrictions in Europe.

Failure to join the EU plan and provide a proper furlough scheme to pay those whose work has dried up due to the pandemic. This “will mean literally hundreds of thousands of job losses this winter,” O’Leary said in an interview.

However, the EU will finalize the travel scheme in mid-October. In this common travel, they will set the rules for the entire continent. And impose restrictions on regions with high infection rates rather than countries.

O’Leary, who describes the winter as a ‘write-off’, says Ryanair’s forward bookings for November and December are around 10 percent. However, it is around a quarter of the normal level for this time of year.

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