Responsible Travel resolutions for 2021

travel resolutions

The year 2020 has changed the equation of life, goals, and planning for everyone in the world. However, the good news is that with the signs of people getting vaccinated for Covid-19 travel and exploration is back on the cards.
Thus, with having things going back to normal, it is our responsibility to take care of our surroundings and be more responsible travelers. We spoke to our contributing travelers and their whole month experience of this new year. After some discussion, we have compiled the golden resolutions of sustainable and eco-friendly travel for the year 2021.


This is the art of living. Even though if you live life king size, try practicing it in your travel. Firstly, it brings ease to the traveler. As you get to pack consciously you realize that you can travel light.

This light traveling creates more space for other travelers. As a result, lighter luggage impact and reduce the carbon footprinting.
On a personal level, the traveler gets to explore the sights, views and understands how insignificant the material things are for people.

Ditch disposable

The perils of disposable products have come forward in the past decade. Hence, ditch the use of plastic until and unless your homework is solid. Also, opt for reusable straws, cups, and cutlery. Save money with a good steel water bottle. Make intelligent choices for your better future.

Travel slow and close to home

The world ceased to move in 2020. This was a major pause for people, businesses, and all those who earned their livelihoods. Moreover, it was a learning for people that when life goes slow it does let you savor the small and meaningful things that one skips in their daily lives.

To keep the peace and small fun intact in your life, choose locations closer to home. Do not make travel plans of far-off places that keep you more engaged in transit time and eventually give you minimum time to enjoy the trip. Instead, make more time for travel musings and learnings.

Additionally, seeing sights closer to home will support the local community. You as a responsible citizen of the world must choose to uplift others. They say charity begins at home, so choose your own country areas and support the lives of those who live there.

Gorge on local cuisines

You may find the most famous global food chains at your destination. However, trying local cuisine has to be a definite thing on your list. Although, everyone has become cautious of unknown foods yet with the good news of a vaccine things should be better.

Try to eat local foods, be it Turkish kebabs from the roadside vendor or waffles from the Belgian road cart. Having the local food supports the small income strata of society and gives you the feel of real flavors.

Wildlife matters

Respect the animals. The past year has caged most human beings. Now we know the pain of confinement.

Therefore, do not indulge in activities that disturb the wildlife. Taking a few minutes of pleasure on an overworked elephant or watching a dolphin show that takes hours of training is not the way.
Make sure to engage in activities that keep animals in their natural habitat and do not cause any harm to them.

Talk to the people

A common mistake we all make is that our travel is quite laminated. We discover and see places that have already been seen and shown on the tv and media. But nobody bothers to see the real situation.
One goes to Goa and parties hard, but if you go beyond there is more beneath the surface.
The fishermen’s community, their foods, and struggles all are significant. The real issues of the place when highlighted make a traveler more informed and a conscious user of services and goods.

Read and think of what resolutions you must add to your life to make your travel history more positive and a better one. Try to give back to the tourism industry and the people while reducing your carbon footprint.
Have a great 2021 with better travel history.

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