Qantas Plans to Cancel All International Flights

Australian Airlines
Qantas Airways is suspending international flights until March 2021.

The Australian flag carrier – Qantas Airways is suspending all international flights for the remaining year. The airline has made changes in its schedule and canceled all international flights until March 2021.

The airline had to make this move like many other airlines globally. As traveling is still not recovering due to the rise in new cases of coronavirus.

The airline will be operating flights to New Zealand only through March of 2021. However, Qantas is removing inventory for all international routes, which means that there are no flights available for passengers to book.

These kind of flights are usually seen as a precursor to cancellation.

However, there is no cancellation of airline’s international routes formally but the airline will be officially canceling its flights in the coming days.

Qantas Airways CEO Alan Joyce shows concerns about the air travel and says that they might have to suspend the international flights further till next year. Last month, Joyce said he doesn’t foresee the airline’s international route network to significantly start operating until at least July 2021.

“We have to position ourselves for several years where revenues will be much lower and that means becoming a smaller airline in the short term,” Joyce said.

Currently, the airline has canceled its international flights through October 2020. But it is operating flights to New Zealand.

Grounding the Aircrafts

Due to the low demand and suspension of major international flights, the airline is grounding its fleet. It is grounding the double-decker A380 planes, which usually fly for long-haul international routes.

Moreover, the airline is grounding its A380 planes for at least three years. It has completely retired its six Boeing 747s, which is another superjumbo jet.

Other Airlines Operating Flights to Australia

Some international airlines are operating their flights to and from Australia. The US airlines are operating flights to Australia for cargo and essential travelers on board.

However, Delta has started its operations from Los Angeles to Sydney route from July 1. Whereas United has operated its flights from San Francisco to Sydney route throughout the pandemic.

Air New Zealand and Qatar Airways are also currently operating routes between Australia and the U.S.

To contain the spread of the infection, Australia closed its borders for non-essential travelers. It implemented both a ban on overseas travel for its residents and 14-day quarantine for anyone returning the country—and both measures are still in place.

Qantas Is suspending its routes whereas, many airlines are fighting to restart international operations.

As the virus is increasing in multiple American cities still the U.S. carriers such as Delta and United Airlines are restarting operations into Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America, and Europe. However, United plans by August it will start flying 25 percent of the international flights it was operating in 2019.

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