Qantas A380 Australia to London – Historic Direct Flight

Qantas is running an unprecedented non-stop flight from Darwin to Heathrow, as passengers are struggling to return to the United Kingdom in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

Its flagship Sydney-London service typically flies via Singapore, but due to travel restrictions on international journeys it was forced to find an alternative option.

The flight from Darwin to the largest airport in the United Kingdom would take 16 hours and 45 minutes-which is believed to be the first non-stop flight between the two destinations.

The temporary route will only run this week until Qantas suspends all international flights until 31 May at the earliest.

In recent times, Qantas has been involved in a variety of remarkable moments in aviation. Last November, Flight QF7879 from London to Sydney became the longest commercial airline passenger flight in the world, with a journey of 17,800 kilometers (about 11,060 miles) and a flight duration (in the air) of 19 hours and 19 minutes.

Qantas is grounding all 150 of its aircraft until at least the end of May, including its 12 Airbus A380 superjumbos.

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