Pre-booking tickets to avoid overcrowding

Railway transportation in Wales

When the trains start to operate again, it will be a challenge to manage the traffic onboard. The Welsh Government is looking for ways on how to stop overcrowding on trains when people get back to work. 

However, the government has cautioned the passengers that they might have to pre-book the train ticket in order to stop overcrowding. 

Government warns people

Transport for Wales is the main train operator in Wales. It has warned the people to the only commute if it is absolutely essential. However, it is advisable to only opt for public transport if any other travel alternative is not available. 

Consequently, the rail journey of passengers has been down by 95% for the past 10 weeks. For instance, there have been extra safety measures introduced by trains for passengers who are traveling. Majority of who are key workers. 

“Throughout this crisis, the safety of our colleagues and passengers has been our top priority and this will continue as we move forward,” said James Price, Chief Executive of Transport for Wales. 

In addition, he also mentioned, “we are following all advice from the Welsh government. And I’d like to reinforce the government’s message to ‘Keep Wales Safe’ and only use public transport if it’s absolutely necessary and you have no other travel alternative.”

 “I’d urge all those using public transport to adhere to our travel safer advice. Similarly, we are taking a range of steps to ensure we can improve safety as much as possible. Above all, we would like our passengers to follow our advice and assist us in this process. Through working together we can continue to maintain the safety of our colleagues and passengers.” 

Therefore, the Government of Wales does not want the trains to work on full capacity. As it happened in London when lockdown rules were relaxed. 

‘fflecsi’’- A new initiative

In Newport, a new project is introduced. Moreover, it is under testing, through this people can book bus journeys by phone and app. 

Newport Bus with Transport for Wales is running the ‘fflecsi’ scheme. ‘fflecsi’ is a different way to travel by bus. Pre-booking tickets to avoid overcrowding is an exciting new pilot service from Transport for Wales in partnership with the local bus operators. fflecsi busses pick a passenger up and drop off in the service area and not just at a bus stop. 

A bus picks a passenger upon his request. Subsequently, changes the routes accordingly on which the passengers need to go. However, fflecsi is designed to help people, make essential local journeys. By replacing a number of scheduled bus services in your area.

Most importantly, Passenger safety is the topmost priority. Certainly, fflecsi is designed to carry passengers safely. Through this, the company will know how many passengers they have to pick and will send the vehicle of the right size to maintain social distancing

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