PPE Vending Machines for Passengers

PPE Vending Machines

Las Vegas airport installs a vending machine for travelers who wish to buy Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). These machines can be found in T1 ticketing and near the T3 TSA checkpoint.

This initiative is due the developing situation of VOCID-19. Many people need these items in a jiffy and airports must be equipped to deal with these situations. There is a lot of difference in travelling especially before and after the pandemic situation.

Individuals now have a high requirement for safety and sanitization. No matter how much efforts the airport or the airlines make, it will be very difficult for all the passengers to trust anyone else with the rising toll in pandemic exposure.

According to McCarran Airport spokesperson Christine Crews, “I do believe we are the first in the nation to have these vending machines,”

Inside the machines, there are a few hand sanitizer options, alcohol wipes, a four-pack of disposable gloves and a selection of masks. 

The hand sanitizers cost from $4.25 to $6.50. A 10-pack of wipes is $5.25. The four-pack of gloves is $4.50. A cloth reusable mask (in adult and child sizes) is $14.50. And the KN95 disposable mask is $8.25

.In a world with the pandemic on the rise, this may be the first vending machine with PPE. But with the ongoing situation this may not be the last one. The vending machines with PPE may become a common sight soon at many airports.

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