Portugal Next to be on the UK’s Quarantine List

Sunny Portugal

As coronavirus cases in Portugal are increasing it might be the next country to be on the UK’s quarantine list.

However, Portugal has started reporting new cases. On Friday, it reported the highest new daily virus figure for seven weeks, with 401 cases detected.

Paul Charles, boss of travel consultancy PC Agency, said the figures for Portugal suggest that it will soon not be on the Foreign Office travel corridor list.

He said, “Portugal is likely to go back on the UK’s quarantine list this week. And the country itself is now preparing a ‘state of contingency’ from September 15.”

“It has been unable to manage its caseload over the last two weeks as more tourists have entered Portugal, especially Lisbon and Porto.”

Infection Rate Increasing

However, the PC Agency, which is providing a daily report of country infection rates, has mentioned Portugal as an ‘amber’ nation. This means that it is approaching the UK threshold for quarantine. With 19.4 virus cases per 100,000 people over a seven-day cumulative count as compared with 12.2 in Britain.

The Government’s threshold for imposing quarantine is 20 cases per 100,000.

Mr. Charles stressed, “It will need to see a miracle drop in case numbers by Thursday to avoid being added again to the Government’s on-off quarantine list as it is quickly veering into the red zone.”

He also informed that coronavirus cases are increasing in Italy as well.

He insisted, “Only a clear airport testing strategy from the UK government will remove this anxious wait facing many British tourists each week. Enabling them to book with confidence and test on their return, save jobs in the travel sector, and help it recover faster.”

Holidaymakers Must Return Soon

However, there are around 75,000 UK nationals that are in Portugal for holidays or due to fly there imminently. 

Holidaymakers should fly back home early in order to save themselves from any quarantine restriction. That they are expecting to impose soon.

In June, ministers were encouraging Britons to holiday abroad to boost the travel industry. As restrictions were eased, only to warn within weeks that no travel is risk-free.

Mr. Charles suggested yesterday that Portugal had been a “victim of its own success in attracting so many tourists rapidly”.

Portugal was on the travel corridor list on August 22. Meaning no need for holidaymakers to quarantine for 14 days upon their return to the UK. And flight comparison site Skyscanner reported a 2,000 percent increase in bookings.

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