Planes that may not fly again after Coronavirus

Air flights resumed

2020 saw the rise of a pandemic. As it is by nature flu, people had to first maintain distance and then avoid major contact points.

Eventually, such strict conditions led to a lockdown. As this was the best attempt to curtail and reduce the patients of Covid-19. However, the lockdown was not a permanent solution.

The future is under scrutiny

Half the year has passed with no signs of vaccines or medicines for Covid-19. Therefore, a solid strategy to resume business has to be made. While on one hand this is being addressed. On the other hand, less focus is maintained on the aviation industry’s big trouble.

The flights reduced to 1/4th of what the schedule of flying used to be. This means that plenty of planes were idle and useless.

Where are all the planes

As the air space has been shut down since the beginning of the year many changes were seen. Repatriation flights were the ones that took off. Moreover, we saw how tricky air travel became. At the last minute, many flights got canceled as well.

All of this was due to

  • Uncertainty of  destination rules
  • A very small number of passengers
  • Plane hygiene standards revision

And many other reasons led to the cancellation of flights.

Occupied space

The most important part of fighting Coivd-19 has been maintaining social distance. Essentially, this means that traveling comes with social distancing. Therefore, the queues will be longer, the lounges and airplanes will be not full. As there will be vacant space between seats and people to follow the rules.

As a result, any airplane that used to make a profit on their fuel and other fixed costs will not milk that amount. The simple reason is the amount coming from the booked passengers will be lower than before.

As of now, there are around 17,000 aircraft or approximately 60% of all planes currently grounded due to the pandemic.

A small place in Spain, Teruel is a space for parking the planes of European Airlines. Many famous airlines such as Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, and others have been paying rent for this storage. The dry weather of Spain is better for planes to keep the corrosion of aluminum at the lowest stage.

The parking space for North American Airlines is majorly in the US. Arizona. The aircraft storage business is the only one that is doing well in times of Covid-19. This is because the flights have reduced to the lowest numbers.

The future of planes and flights

Certainly the industry of planes is different from how it was a few months back. The points to be noted now are

  • How to bring the travel back
  • Ensure social distancing while managing time
  • Keep a better health check at airports

As social distancing is an important factor in avoiding the flu. Airplanes require major changes. As we speak, the middle seat designs are being worked upon. A few designers have suggested patterns where the wrestle for the armrest and middle seat troubles will be resolved.

However, Airbus A380 and Boeing 747 will be gone. The decision was made before the pandemic. But these are giants and not economically sustainable either.

With the need for fewer travelers, there was an imbalanced equation. Firstly, fewer passengers need to be utilized in a smaller plane for efficiency. Secondly, the anticipated response was not given to the A380 by industry.                 

Thirdly, as a commercial project, it was a failure though the passengers loved it. So we know that we will fly in it for a couple of years but its production will be halted. However, the support from Airbus on all technical flaws and fixtures will be extended.

Boeing going smart

Boeing has decided to let go of their jumbo jets as their approach is different. With the change in things, they believe that making smaller and more fuel-efficient planes can help solve the trouble. Consequently, these planes can go straight from small destinations to final ones without stopping at a hub.

This means from small regional airports one can land at the populated city without a stopover or vice versa.

We saw that sales of the 787 have sharply risen in recent years as predicted by their studies. Thus, cementing the reason of making smaller and efficient planes.

Eventually, people would want to minimize their airport contacts and so the need for one flight from home to the destination is going to be a choice in later years.

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