Passenger Number Drop At Luton Airport by 56%

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London Luton Airport saw a fall in passenger numbers. It has dropped 56% last month due to the coronavirus as it continues to hurt the travel industry.

However, there were 820,000 people that traveled through the Luton airport in August. It is down from 1.7 million as compared to last year at the same time.

This is better than the number of passengers that were in July. But altogether for the summer season months June, July, and August the total number of passengers was 75% less as compared to 2019.

Major Concerns

The airlines and airports have seen a major drop in passenger demand. As people are not traveling due to lockdown, travel restrictions, quarantine concerns, and worries about COVID-19.

However, low travel demand has an adverse effect on many countries’ economies as well. As in most European countries, tourism is a major contributor to the country’s GDP. And it provides employment to many people. But due to the coronavirus pandemic, many airlines and airports are cutting jobs even tourism companies are also suffering due to COVID-19.

The airlines, airports, and holiday firms are not earning enough revenues due to international travel restrictions and customer confidence has collapsed.

Aviation Industry’s Request

However, airlines and airports are urging to start a two-stage test on arrival at airports. This will allow the arriving travelers who test negative twice for Covid-19 not to quarantine.

But still, ministers are following the government’s insistence that testing was not a “silver bullet” to allow the easing of restrictions.

Airport’s Response

Luton airport said, “While I’m pleased to have welcomed more passengers during August, it’s a long way from our normal busy holiday period. We’ve seen an encouraging rise in seat sales in recent months. But we also need to be realistic about what the future holds.”

In addition, he said, “With summer drawing to a close, and with quarantine measures continuing to be imposed urgent Government support for the sector will be vital to ensure that the crisis of the aviation sector does not worsen and the livelihoods of the thousands of people who rely on it are not jeopardized.”

The airport, which is operated and developed by a consortium of which the majority shareholder is AENA, and AMP Capital. It has implemented a number of health and safety measures since the virus outbreak. They are installing protective screens at customer service points and also have hand sanitizer stations throughout the airport.

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