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Middle East is always in news. But, the truth is that apart from trouble and unsettled areas. Israel a much younger country on the map of the world has come to be a great party place.

The fact that this country is revered by many faiths descending from Abraham plays a role in its importance. Over the years, Tel Aviv has emerged as a great party spot of the country. Many lovers of Mediterranean culture desire to see the fusion of the past and the future in Israel.

Party capital of the Middle East

Tel Aviv is the second-largest city in Israel. It is fondly known as “Big Orange” for its similarities with New York’s unstoppable nightlife. The pull of the city lies in the young and hip crowd from the world coming to Israel. The best beers, coolest pubs, and most soothing beaches pull everyone to the city.

Therefore, before we set to share the hidden party spots of Israel, make sure you shop the best souvenirs as well.

Shopping for friends

So before you hit all the party spots do make sure you get gifts for your friends. There is plenty to buy as amazing souvenirs from Israel.

A few famous things of Israel are:

  • Israeli wine – A big part of their culture from big wineries to small boutiques, we say do not miss it.
  • Jewelry – Be it diamonds or semi-precious stones set in gold and silver all are the best gifts.
  • Dead sea products- Make the best of dead sea spa-like products that will make your friends feel fresh and invigorated.
  • Olives and Dates – You and your friends would dig the yummiest olives of Israel. The Mediterranean fruits and vegetables are renowned for their taste. So while exploring the city or before the party make sure to have these with you. Even better take them for your friends back home.
  • Arts & Crafts –  The olive wood carvings and pottery is also beautiful. Not only it is a perfect memento for someone’s house but also makes a great piece of art to be kept in your houses.

Once your gifts are sorted, ditch your walking shoes with party heels and hit the town at the most happening spots. It is not an exaggeration to say that Tel Aviv has every nook for art and festivity.

A few from the many of our favorite hangout spots are discussed below so that you and your gang are ready to hit those places.

Rothschild 12

If you visit in the day time, Rothschild 12 is just a café or a food joint for you which is built smartly. The checkered floors, the cool racks on walls give a nice welcoming feel to the place. By the time sunsets, the same place has a party spirit going. Some performances at the back give you the best live music experience. The night club, best beers, and chilled wine make your time memorable here.

A must visit spot in Tel Aviv for all party lovers.

Hilton & Gordon Beach

Beach lovers find Tel Aviv a pure paradise. Each weekend night and many weekend days, the beaches are alive and feisty with party lovers. The fun-loving tourists and locals can find a variety of parties around town. The best tequila and wine at the beach bars can make anyone long for the beach parties of Tel Aviv for ages.


A true delight for tourists is the experience of local flavors. Bardak is exactly that. In the day time, the European style set food bar serves authentic Mediterranean food. As the sun sets, the bartenders bring the best brews out for the people. The amazing concoctions make this place a party lover’s dream come true. The food and drinks combined with the ambiance make the nights slip out of hands and create the best memories for all.

Kuli Alma

The amalgamation of food, drink, arts, and dance is the real soul stirrer for a wanderer. So when in a mood to appreciate art and food with the great young company of multi-ethnic youngsters- you know this is the place. Tasteful people love the wooden interior, gothic art pieces, and paintings, combined with the best view from the patio.


If luxury and panache is your choice then this is the best place in the city. The rooftop settled bar is one of its kind. Here it is not a walk-in policy. We mean pure elite class hangs out here. Save up on some cash and make your reservation for this amazing spot.

The location gives a bird’s eye view of the magnetic Tel Aviv. The cream visits the bar and dance floor to have pure fun without hobnobbing with the masses. Therefore, put this on your list and make sure you enjoy the finest of the town on your trip.

Israel is an amalgamation of the past and future. It is a fusion of mysticism and freedom. If you are a buff of history, party and food then Tel Aviv will steal your heart. We will keep a series of Israel’s best places to visit.

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