Pandemic Record Breaker

Stocks Fall

One of the greatest tragedies of the 21stcentury is the coronavirus pandemic. Which has destroyed economies and industries all at the same time. The airline industry taking the worst blow, with an estimated drop of $314 billion. This crisis has led to some of the most unusual aviation scenarios which are new to the world.

According to the US bailout plan for airlines, it is mandatory to maintain air connections to be eligible for the government bailout money. This led to the introduction of short routes, this may be a temporary fix for now. But if you really want the 29 miles route, it will cost you $251 on American Airlines.

Although prior to the COVID-19 situation there were many other short flights operating in the US.

The 32.16 mile spree between Canada’s Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport and Niagara District Airport, the 31.09 mile trip between Alaska’s Petersburg Municipal Airport and Wrangell Airport. The shortest of all can be found in Massachusetts. Just 30.49 miles between Barnstaple Municipal Airport on Cape Cod to Nantucket Memorial Airport.

These small trips will add a line of revenue to the cash flows. But these will rather be a temporary breath of air for these companies. Until the travel bans are not lifted it is not sure that how many airlines will survive to see the light of day.

Despite all these temporary and somewhat permanent measures adopted to support the industry. Operations are likely to open on a rather slower pace. Airlines will have to deal with the repercussions themselves on all fronts. 

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