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Christianity has the maximum followers in this world. It is also one of the oldest religions in the world. Therefore, it is logical to find many old and ancient worship places for Christians.

It is interesting to note that Europe and the Middle East are full of such buildings. The history of these buildings is interesting. As many natural calamities or wars altered these buildings. However, the archeologists had a lot to share with the world after the discovery of ruins.

Dura Europos Church, Syria

This ancient ruin is in Syria.  As per researchers, this church was initially a house. Later, its status was of a church in 233 AD. In the 1920s and 1930s, a team of French and American archeologists discovered the ruins.

Interestingly the Yale University preserved the art pieces of this building in the best fashion. The things extracted from the site were the beautiful mosaic, frescoes, and paintings. However, now this site falls in a disputed land where its state and preservation may not be a priority due to wars.

Meggido Church, Israel

As most Abrahamic religions have a strong footing in the Middle East, we find their ancient buildings and temples around as well. This church in Israel dates back to the fourth century. The finding of this church is equally thrilling.

The site of the present ancient church is a jail. The inmates and specialists were working on some construction when they found a well-preserved mosaic, building foundation, and other relics.

This place not only has biblical importance with many historical events and wars pinned with it. But also, it is a major security prison area. The excavations show signs of this ruin belonging to somewhere in the Byzantine era.  The symbols of Christianity and the Byzantine empire such as fish and eagle were found in the ruins.

Aqaba Church Jordan

The coastal party town of Jordan has this church as an added attraction.  The ancient church was built somewhere in the third century.  The site excavation revealed coins, glass lamps, and around 20 skeletal remains of devout Christians. They were buried near the church.

The crosses are apparent on the tombs. Interestingly, this tomb was not destroyed due to Roman persecution. Furthermore, in the year 330, it was refurbished and enlarged to accommodate more people.

However, a big earthquake gulped down many buildings under the Earth. Eventually, the church got discovered in 1998 for the world again.

Church of Nativity, Israel

The holy land for Christians has one of the oldest sites for their pilgrimage and sightseeing. This church is of great importance to the followers of Jesus. Not only it is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site but also an object of administrative struggle between Catholic and Orthodox schools of thought.

The basilica has many landmarks that represent the centuries of fights wars and takeover of Bethlehem. The cave said to be the birthplace of Jesus is the most visited place here. His birth spot has a silver star put up to mark the exact place. Sadly, this star was stolen in the year 1847. Presently there is a replica of the original star at the site.

Cathedral of Saint Dominus, Croatia

This beautiful building holds the credit of being the oldest catholic structure in its original form functional for the masses. This church is named after a martyred saint. The crusades and wars all swept their changes while this building remained in its limestone and marble structure tall and steady.

This church had a few additions made to it in terms of structure such as the cathedral treasury got Saint Dominus after his death. In the 17th century, the choir was added to the church. Moreover, there is a lot of religious and art treasure here such as paintings and objects such as chalices from the 13th to 19th centuries.

The wooden doors of this cathedral deserve a special mention. As they are carved with the life story of Jesus Christ. Scenes of his historic life are immortalized by carving them on the door.

The bell tower is an attraction for once you climb it the beautiful view of the city is ready to make you pause and absorb the beauty and calm of this place.

St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City

The Vatican City is a must-see for most travel enthusiasts as well as zealous and practicing Christians. The study of religion awes a person.

Saint Peter the apostle of Jesus built this church. He was the first bishop in Christianity. This place is a heaven for art lovers as it holds works of huge artists.  The mosaics, statues, and great treasures such as the Egyptian Obelisk, Fountains of Bernini, and many more as well as the tomb of Saint Peter all make this place a must-visit.

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