Northern Ireland Reopens

People of Ireland

From July 10, hotels and venues are reopening to host a wedding and take bookings said, First Minister Arlene Foster.

However, since March all nuptial ceremonies were all on hold due to the spread of coronavirus. The coronavirus pandemic spread in the country in March, and the country was in lockdown since then.

Mrs. Foster said: “I am delighted to say that we are able to announce in relation to weddings and baptisms that they can now go-ahead from the 10th of July, in a socially distanced way but inside, taking account of the space available.

“No longer will they be limited in numbers, it depends on the space in the church or indeed in the venue as well.”

As the number of cases is dropping more businesses are reopening. On Monday hairdressers and tattoo parlors reopened their businesses.

However, there has been no reporting on new death since Friday. Whereas, the number of cases is dropping and only nine people were with positive tests over the weekend.

Mrs. Foster tweeted: “Executive meeting just over. Good news for couples waiting to get married.”

The DUP leader held a Belfast city center press conference without deputy first minister Michelle O’Neill following a dispute over the Sinn Fein vice-president’s attendance at republican Bobby Storey’s funeral.

Hundreds of people lined the route last Tuesday. However, police are investigating if there was a violation of social distancing measures.

Barber Shops Reopen

A Belfast barber reopened its shop without wasting any time on Monday. However, opening his doors just a minute after midnight.

Staff at Cambridge Barbershop on the Lisburn Road are wearing personal protective equipment. The placing of the chairs in the barbershop is just below two meters apart.

The barber reopened service at 9 in the morning on Monday and queues started to form along the road.

Tattoo Parlours Reopen

As the government is relaxing the coronavirus restrictions beauty saloons and tattooists were also able to reopen. After the reopening, there was a floral design that was the floral designs and characters in Belfast. In the city center, Belfast City Skinworks tattoo and piercing studio opened for appointments only.

Pubs Reopen

Pubs that serve food reopened on Friday, in Northern Ireland along with hotels.

However, they had to serve food on the tables. Many customers returned to cafes, restaurants, and pubs with friends to get their favorite drinks.

From Monday, people can visit their relatives in hospitals and care homes. As the government is lifting restrictions on visiting hospitals.

Visiting Hospitals Allowed

However, letting the visitors meet the patient will be the decision of the hospital staff.

It will also depend on the ability to ensure the social distancing and safety of both patients/residents and visitors.All visitors to hospitals and care homes must wear a face covering, the department of health said.

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