No Travel Section in The New York Times: Coronavirus

With hardly any travel happening as a result of the coronavirus, the New York Times plans to stop printing copies of Travel and Sports sections in the storied Sunday edition of the newspaper and replace them with a section that focuses on quarantine related information, according to internal memos and sources.

“The extraordinary nature of this moment has driven remarkable changes in our journalism,” the note reads. “It has also caused us to rethink the way we produce traditional elements of the news report and, in particular, the structure of the print newspaper.”

The daily print circulation of The New York Times (Monday through Friday) is around 443,000 and for Sunday is 918,000. The sports section is usually combined with the Times business section, but is a separate entity on Sundays and Mondays. Travel is being printed on Sundays. Sports Monday will continue to be printed during the pandemic.

Meanwhile, shelter-in-place warnings and travel bans have brought the travel industry to a standstill. According to its latest earnings report, Delta Air Lines posted a 95 percent decline in April compared to the previous year. Airlines are dramatically reducing flight schedules around the board. Delta CEO Ed Bastian told analysts during a call.

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