No Quarantine for Australians in Greece

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The Greek government issued a list of 29 countries that can visit Greece without quarantine. 

Australia is one of the countries on that list. Greece is offering a quarantine free holiday to Australians. 

The country is going quarantine free from June 15. It also added some blacklisted countries into that list. 

Travel Restriction

However, the Australian government officials and public health experts are not in favor of Australians to visit Greece, as it is illegal and will increase the country’s health and financial risks. 

Similarly, Greece’s ambassador to Australia, Geroge Papacostas, has also warned the Australians not to take the travel offer. 

It will be illegal to leave the country as Australia has restricted that Australians cannot leave the country. They can only travel if they have a special exemption. 

The ambassador also mentioned that there are no direct flights from Australia to Greece. There are all transit flights through Qatar, UAE, or Asia and these countries are on airport blacklist. 

So, quarantine for Australians will be impossible and would void Greece’s quarantine free offer. 

The Greek plan, which allows quarantine free entry is part of an initiative to revive the tourism industry. As tourism brought in 34 million visitors in 2019 and accounts for about 12% of GDP. 

Anyone who tests positive on arrival in the country will have to quarantine for 14 days. Travelers coming from European, UK, Asian, South American, and African airports are considered less safe. 

However, travelers from these countries will have to quarantine for seven days if they test negative. Similarly, for 14 days if they test positive. 

The blacklist of airports will be revised on 1 July. 

No International Travel

Australia was not operating its international flights since the pandemic outbreak. Last week there were only 12 flight departures out of Sydney airport. However, more than half of the flights did not fly due to cancellation. 

Papacostas said he would like to stress that Australian citizens or permanent residents cannot leave Australia.

He also said, he was exploring “Any kind of bilateral cooperation with any country to facilitate the travel” of Australians to Greece without quarantine once the border ban was lifted. 

Australian officials are not suggesting citizens travel to Greece. Their concern is that people from other countries are also going to Greece with the same quarantine free offer. This could highly put travelers and citizens at risk. As Germany still reports 600 cases a day, it is however on Greece’s quarantine free entry list. 

Greece’s offer for Australian tourists is because the country has best contained the spread of the virus. Many countries including New Zealand and Japan are considering opening their boarder for Australian tourists. 

One of the Australian officials said that they would only allow the tourists to visit other countries only if they have had no outbreak for several months. 

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