No More Buffet Breakfasts at Hotels

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The hotel breakfast buffets will be a thing of the past as lockdown restrictions are lifted, is a concern of a tourism chief.

Breakfast buffets are one thing guests at a hotel look forward to but now this will not be a case. Post-lockdown many hotels will discontinue the buffet setup at their hotels.

VisitBritain’s director of strategy and communications Patricia Yates said holidays will “look very different”. All this due to the restrictions imposed to keep the virus from spreading.

Traveling a Different Experience Overall

Summer holidays are rebounding and are restarting in July. Moreover, international trips are also reopening as there is relaxation of quarantine rules. But tourism experts say that it is all going to be a different experience post-COVID.

Yates gave the hotel buffet breakfast as one example, saying “I love the hotel buffet breakfasts – they are a thing of the past.”

She went on: “And hotels will have to have social distancing so they won’t be opening at full occupancy. And businesses will have to look at the sort of services they provide. And really pruning those down to make sure that the infection control, that the cleansing regime is right and that they can have social distancing.”

In addition, she said, “Be prepared for some things not to look quite as you normally expect them.”

Jonathan Smith, from the Association of British Travel Agents, agrees with Yates.

He in an interview said, “It’s very likely that people’s holiday experience won’t be the same as they had expected.”

“There’ll certainly be rules in place around airports and on airplanes. And if they’re going on a package holiday there might be changes around buffet-style restaurant systems. And there’ll be table service in place so there will be slight changes in place. But it’s all about making sure that the holiday experience is safe and enjoyable.”

Setbacks for the Industry

However, Yates and Smith are both hopeful about tourism starting over the summer. Whereas, Yates said that the industry has suffered a loss of around £37 billion during the lockdown.

She also mentioned that people are still nervous about traveling, even domestically. And they have seen it.

“With the change in Government advice, we’re hoping that that will change and obviously the mark is there to try and convince people. And we’re doing a reassurance campaign in the short term so persuading people that they can travel, that it’s socially responsible to travel and that they can look out for the mark and know that businesses know what they’re doing.”

VisitBritain is launching a “We’re Good To Go” COVID-19 industry standard and consumer mark to show that holiday operators are adhering to safety measures put in place by the Government.

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