No More Alcohol During Flying

Food and drinks on flight

Airlines have banned alcoholic drinks on flights to avoid the interaction between crew and passengers. 

Some airlines that have banned alcohol are Easyjet and KLM in Europe, in the United States Delta Air Lines and American Airlines. However, Asia’s Virgin Australia has also banned alcohol. These airlines are suspending all or part of their alcoholic drinks service in response to Covid-19. 

The airlines are taking this step to ensure a safe journey for all, as it will reduce the interaction between the passengers and crewmembers. 

Restrictions and Requirements 

However, there are already many measures that the airlines are imposing on the passengers. Like wearing a mask is mandatory on almost all airlines around the world. Moreover, there was new legislation introduced in January 2020 to curb anti-social behavior on flights.

Many airlines are only offering water on the flight. Most importantly, passengers must wear face masks at all times. The passengers can only remover it while eating or drinking. It is to ensure that passengers are not taking too long in finishing their refreshments. 

European Airlines 

Easyjet a British low-cost airline is resuming its domestic routes for the UK and France. It will also be resuming some international routes. 

Passengers can bring food items and non-alcoholic drinks on board. The airline will offer only water to the passengers during the flight and that also on asking from the crew. Foodservice will resume gradually in the coming months. 

Virgin Atlantic will be providing its passengers a personal health pack. There will be facemask, surface wipes, and hand sanitizer in it. The airline is also banning alcohol on its flights temporarily. 

KLM, flag-carrier of the Netherlands is not selling hot and alcoholic drinks. But, the passengers can ask from the crew for water and soft drinks. In addition, the passengers will also get pre-packed refreshment on their seat in the flight. 

Hot meals will only be available on flights longer than nine hours. 

British Airways is not offering alcohol in the short-haul economy only. Instead, the airline will be giving complimentary refreshments along with water bottles. However, children’s meals are not available for some time. 

Ryanair is operating with a limited flight schedule. It is giving pre-packed food and it must be ordered by passengers before flying. However the airline has not yet banned alcohol but it is not offering hot drinks instead, throughout July. 

American Airlines 

Delta Airlines is not serving alcohol on domestic flights or flights within America. But beer, wine, and spirits can be found on all other international flights. 

American Airlines is offering food and drinks on limited flights and according to flight duration and destination. However, alcohol is available in long-haul international flights and in First Class. 

Asian Airline 

However, Cathay Pacific a Hong Kong flag-carrier will still be giving drinks throughout the flight. But, pre-meal bar and pre-poured drinks are not available temporarily. 

Virgin Australia is serving complimentary water and a snack to all its passengers. But on-board purchasing of food and drinks is not currently available.

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