New Yorkers get better value on the subway

Subway travel

New York is a big city with a great transportation network system around. This year the Metropolitan Transportation Authority took another initiative to make things smoother for the users. The authority has been super attentive towards the changing needs of consumers. They have always shifted their focus for the betterment of New Yorkers by altering and innovating on their service.

This is imperative as the New York City Subway is one of the largest in the world. Its 472 stations in the city enable millions of rides daily. The commuters include office goers, students, and the elderly all of them.

However, with covid in the picture many new values are added for the users.

Whatsapp connection

The digital revolution is old by now. However, everyday new changes in technology are added to the services for the ease of people. The newly added feature by MTA for the people is the real-time WhatsApp conversations for people.

This feature is special for non-native English speakers as the translation services are added. Now the frontline workers of MTA can answer any query related to the trains to people of other origins. This means any Indian, Arabian, or French person can type the query in their language, and with the help of Google translate their query can be answered.

This service covers 108 languages in real time. So any traveler can have their queries answered related to service changes, delays and more queries.

Sarah Meyer the New York City Transit Chief Customer Officer was ecstatic and said ‘Millions of people follow our Twitter handles and thousands engage with us each week. But expanding the number of customers we communicate with is at the core of my job and we can always reach more New Yorkers.’

This real time query service will enable all commuters to seek help.

Covid Testing

The subway is made more secure for travelers and workers alike.  Since October the MTA has been active in pursing safety of the front line workers.

This program begins in November and will test the frontline workers for their safety.  Governor Cuomo said, “Our brave frontline transit workers risked their lives to provide New Yorkers an essential service every single day during this pandemic, and we must support them just as they have supported us.”

MTA Budget

The unprecedented times have been testing all industries. The worst-hit industry is travel and tourism. However, the effect has trickled down to the train and subways as well. Sources state that $12 billion deficit and budget crisis have escalated a lay off situation.

The new proposal suggests laying off 900 employees as well as reducing subway services. This will bring another devil to the residents and commuters. Consequently, passengers from spots such as Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North will end up waiting between 20-30 minutes for a train during peak hours.

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