New Timetables For Northern Train Passengers

Northern Rail operator

Train operator Northern is urging customers to plan their travel carefully ahead as it introduces a new timetable.

However, this new timetable will be implemented from Monday 14 September. A new train schedule will be introduced across much of the Northern network.

There will be more services during the morning and evening which are peak times. However, Northern is going for a new normal for rail travelers. As the rail services are still under the constraints of the coronavirus pandemic.

Steve Hopkinson, Regional Director at Northern, said, “As more people return to workplaces and children return to schools. It is important that everyone takes note of the new train times and plans their journeys carefully.

“And, of course, anyone traveling by train still needs to be conscious of coronavirus. And continue following advice on how to keep themselves, and others, as safe as possible.”

“Through enhanced cleaning and an increase in services, we are doing all we can to allow our customers to travel with confidence. But, by following a few simple steps, passengers can also help themselves.”

Guidelines For Customers

However, the rail service is advising the passengers to wear a mask all times when on the train or at a station (unless specific exemptions apply).

Moreover, people must regularly wash their hands before and after travel. And they must use hand sanitizer when on the train.

Take all litter and rubbish of trains and use the bins provided. Passengers should be considerate of others.

Northern is urging customers to respect their staff who are working to keep people on the move and are there to help them.

Travel outside of peak hours where possible. Plan journeys carefully and be aware of the new train times.

Steve added, “We know these are challenging times and some people may be nervous about returning to the railway, particularly during busy periods. It is, therefore, vitally important that everyone plays their part in helping reduce the potential transmission of coronavirus.”

“Trains are likely to be busier than they have been in recent months. But we are ready to welcome people back to the railway. And are bringing in additional services for many major towns and cities to give customers more journey choice and flexibility.”

“We have brought in as many additional services as possible with the resource we have available. Many members of staff have been shielding for much of this year and the knock-on effects of the virus will be felt for several months. As a result, we have prioritized routes and times where there is the most significant demand to ensure as many people as possible can get where they need to be when they need to be there.”

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