Nepal – A treat for hikers

Hiking experience

Nature has the best lessons for all. The pandemic hit all. But, the world is now looking for options that are closer to nature and peaceful. A great hidden beautiful country of Asia, Nepal has long been on top of the list for hikers and trekkers. Nepal is a landlocked country making it reachable via air and road.

People are attracted to Nepal for it has ten tallest mountains of the world placed in one country. The culture, Buddhism its relevant places are another force that makes people choose Nepal for their trips. The Tibetan culture, the hippie history, and the great temples attracted one million international tourists in 2018 coming via air routes only.

Nepal – A mix of all

This country is a mix of all. The weather may be ice cold due to its proximity to the Himalayas, but also due to the variation of altitude some places are immensely hot. Barring twelve countries, Nepal has a very fluid visa on arrival system for most countries.  The national parks, Buddhist temples, and monuments all are worth seeing.

The adventure and nature lovers may choose their activities right from the adrenaline pumped Everest hike to river rafting or exploring the wildlife.

Americans are the third-highest nationals visiting Nepal. Moreover, the UK, French and Australian nationals have been visiting Nepal as well in increasing numbers.

We have listed a few trekking sites for mountain lovers who are craving for an expedition with nature’s beautiful mountains and forests.

Everest Base Camp

This is stating the obvious. Everyone is in awe of the majestic Everest. But climbing the Everest is no easy task. So all those with grit and courage are up to see some part of the highest mountain in the world. The base camp of Everest is a very energy draining trek of around two weeks. So be sure to have a fit body, a great state of mind, and a perfect soul to take directions from your guides. The best base camp trek and hike is a group result and experience of togetherness.

Annapurna Circuit

This hike is also for adventure lovers. You can safely mark a fortnight or a few nights lesser than it as complete period. The trek will also take you along the widest mountain pass in the world. The beautiful Tilicho Lake is a mesmerizing sight for the campers and trekkers in this path. Along with your hiking poles, you may tread along and see an unending string of prayer flags. The view in this trek is raw but laced with many experiences with the locals. Enjoy your trip and absorb the culture while ensuring you stay warm and very well fed to enjoy this hike.

Ghandruk Trek

This hike is relatively easier for the explorers. For those who are new to exploration or have just started will love the experience. The perfect mix of high altitudes, beautiful forests, and interaction with locals makes it a complete experience. You get to stay at good guest houses with major facilities, view temples and monastery as well. The hike can be rated as an easy one for most people.

Kathmandu Valley

Once you are done with shopping and viewing the capital city. One can finish this hike easily in five to eight days. The lush greenery outside the main city is a perfect way to relax and unwind after a long time of trek with the team. The historic villages and Buddhist shrines and temples are the best sights for history lovers. Each shrine has a story and love for Buddhism seeped into it.

The rich Tamang culture is exposed to trekkers on this expedition. It is a mix of the wilderness of the real Tibetan beauty and the soothing weather at a lower altitude.

Ghorepani Poon hill trek

This is an easy trek route.  One may take 4- 5 days for this one. Also, the altitude for this terrain is not high most novices can easily go-ahead for this one.  Hikers and trekkers move along the farmlands and view the eternal beauty of green forests and wilderness in their trip. This trek is a mini version of Annapurna trek and those who have difficulty in choosing a tougher option can use this route to explore the hilly and mountainous beauty of Nepal.

We chose only five treks out of plenty of options. Mixes of tough and easy treks were included in the list. No travelogue or write up can justify the beauty of these enormous mountains that redefine the meaning of existence to us all. There are many more trek areas that one can pick and select in Nepal based on the visiting months of the year as well.

So go ahead to the land of calm and find your peace in the mountains of Nepal while exploring nature’s wonders there.

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