Negative Coronavirus Test Required to Board a Flight to China

United States and China

To travel to China from the US passengers will have to provide a negative coronavirus test results before boarding the flight. The test result must be issued within 72 hours of boarding. According to a new notice from China’s embassy in the US.

However, this rule will come into action from September 15. Non-Chinese citizens who take a direct China-bound flight from the US will need to provide negative test results. Passengers must provide this test result before boarding, according to the notice.

However, passengers who are transiting in the US must present a verified Health Declaration Form to the airlines, the notice stated. 

No Chinese Flights During the Pandemic

During the coronavirus pandemic, there was tension between the US and China. And have also manifested between the two nations airlines. In early June, the Trump administration intended to ban Chinese airlines from entering the US. China tightened restrictions for foreign flights from entering the country. The US government claimed the Chinese government “made it impossible for US airlines to resume service to China.”

Whereas, at the end of January, U.S. President Donald Trump signed an order that temporarily barred foreign nationals who had visited China. Unless they were immediate relatives of U.S. citizens or permanent residents and said that they will be restricting flights from China to just seven U.S. airports.

However, when China eased airline restrictions to allow more China-bound foreign flights to enter. The US also came back to its original plans to ban a limited number of Chinese airlines to operate flights to the US.

The Number of Cases Increasing

Meanwhile, the number of coronavirus cases is still high in the US. On Friday, there were 6.2 million cases of coronavirus according to John Hopkins University. And the number of deaths rose to 187,200.

Whereas China has a total of 90,008 cases, according to Johns Hopkins University. In Wuhan, from where the coronavirus started to spread, more than 1 million children have resumed in-person classes.

However, flights between the U.S. and China, two of the world’s largest trading partners, have been substantially low since the pandemic began. U.S. carriers currently flying to China include United and Delta.

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