Nashville tornado 2020: Airbnb opens homes for affectees

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A strong and deadly storm moving through Middle Tennessee spawned a tornado that touched down early Tuesday morning in Nashville, creating a path of devastation that extended for miles through the area.

The storm devastated parts of several communities and business districts in Nashville’s central part before heading into and beyond the eastern suburbs of the region.

Users can search for accommodation at any point between March 3rd and March 24th, pick the number of adults and children within a community, and find hosts for those in need of shelter after the disaster that has voided all fees.

According to the article, Airbnb spokeswoman Mattie Zazueta said Tuesday night that the company has “already seen more than 170 hosts sign up to offer their homes for free” in the few hours that the service was enabled.

In addition to shelters, Airbnb hosts are offering free, temporary housing to displaced persons. Airbnb’s Open Home program will be available through 24 March in Nashville and surrounding areas.

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