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Man made fountains

While exploring any new place, city aesthetics play a major role for a tourist. People love Europe a lot. One of the many reasons is their aesthetic sense and city buildings are magnificent.  The waterworks in many cities become iconic for people to remember a city. There are plenty of old and new fountains that we at Travel Jin love. However, we are discussing the classics and the newly built ones that are must-see for people visiting those places.

Our first pick is the most seen fountain in the whole world and the mother of all fountains for its splendor and beauty.

Trevi Fountain – Rome

This fountain has been a true landmark of the city. People never find ample space to pose in front of it. But one spectacular fountain amongst others in the city of Rome. Since then many people have made a legend of throwing coins in it so that they can come to the city again. Although built in the 1700s this one attracts millions of people for a picture every year.

The beautiful story behind the construction and commissioning of this fountain is interesting. One sees the statues of Oceanus, the statue of abundance, and statue health perched upon the pillars. They all symbolize the fertility of a country, their growth, and prosperity.

Burj Khalifa – Dubai

UAE is the shopper’s paradise. Tourists have a lot to experience in this city. The desert region of UAE has a manmade lake Burj Khalifa lake. The dancing water show of this fountain is also a major tourist thing that people want to experience.

The water jets shoot water around 500 feet in the air. Here, along with the music played the water jets dance to the music and lights. This show is free of charge throughout the week and a major attraction for all.

Jet d’Eau – Geneva

Switzerland is ana amazing country. The snow-capped mountains, the chocolates and watches, and then the sights. This fountain is one more addition to the beauty of this place. However, there is nothing such as large statues, piles of concrete added but just a water nozzle.

Built in the year 1951, this one is a simple jet shooting water up by 460 feet in the air.

Fountain of Wealth – Singapore

Singapore has been a great tourist spot. People associate Singapore as a place of security, technology, and best architectural wonders for people to remember this country.  This fountain had been the tallest fountain in the ’90s.

 It is built in the city center, opposite the Suntec city shopping mall. The design is inspired by the Hindu Mandal, indicating the waterfall as a sign of prosperity and wealth.

The people associate the legend of incoming wealth for the one who walks around the fountain three times while touching the water.

Aquanura – Netherlands

This Fountain is the largest one in Europe and built in the Efteling theme Park in 2012. It is designed with the frog King theme and surrounded by 200 fountains that are categorically divided with the help of great aesthetic lights. This has been designed by the same team that gave the wonder of Burj Fountain and Bellagio.

Fountain of Prometheus – New York

 New York is one big tourist spot. Also, with all the hype and fame Rockefeller center is a must-see spot for many. Not only it is famous for the Christmas tree or the ice skating but also the iconic fountain that adds beauty to the place.  

The red background wall is the perfect contrast to the golden art deco style statue. The water jets around it add the beauty to this great wonder which has a great history of the US’s big family. The Rockefeller center got the Prometheus statue and the fountain was added to the plaza in 1934.

Bellagio – Las Vegas

Las Vegas already has a lot to offer. As the name suggests that it has been inspired by the Italian town. There is an 8-acre man-made lake in the hotel. The lake has water shots installed in it to give the fountain effect. With more than 4500 lights to create insane dancing and light effect with the background music.  Different music is played to choreograph the dancing fountain. Honeymooners or marriage events can get additional shows for their special events.

We shared the most famous and amazing fountains with you so that when you go to these cities, you make sure to visit these amazing architectural wonders.

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