Must-see cities for book lovers

Travel for literature love

Travel, food, and books are all the finer things in life however all are essential for the soul and body! People travel to increase their knowledge while those who cannot travel read and transport themselves to those landscapes. Their knowledge also increases with reading about places.

However, when and if people get a chance to travel booklovers do make sure that they can visit some amazing bookstores. Or the places where their best books have been penned down or written about. Many people love to see the places where their authors have lived. 

A list of all such places may have been long. However, we have summed and narrowed them down. The list is in no order of liking as each reader has a unique choice.


It is the hub of the Englishmen and women of class and style. England has produced many notable writers. London is one big city which is important for book lovers. It could be the fact that Sherlock Homes, The picture of Dorian Grey, Great expectations and countless books were set in London or that many authors hailed or lived in this city. All of this makes London a very important city for book lovers.

The old quaint bookshops are worth the visit. A booklover can visit Westminster Abbey to pay respect to their favorite authors or a stroll in the museums. Is it not a book lover’s dream to see the manuscript of many ancient books?  In that case British Library has plenty to offer for the visitors.


Who does not love Paris?

A food lover, a traveler and history lover, and more so a person who reads! There is so much history in this city. The final years of Oscar Wilde and his burial were in the same city of love and romance. Go and pay respect by placing a bright yellow flower at his grave.

There are places where authors would meet and discuss their ideas. Places such as Gertrude Stein’s house or the La Closerie de Lilas have had great writers come to sit, write, and talk. The famous story of Hunch Back of Notre Dame was also set in Paris, so all the descriptions and places can be seen by the lovers of this story.


Boston is love for many. However, few people know that it is called “Athens of America”, rightly so because it was the cradle of learning and conversations. More so many great and memorable books were set in Boston. Bell Jar the ever so famous Erich Segal’s Love Story and many famous books have been based in areas of Boston.

Moreover, since this place is the birthplace of American Literature with names like Henry David Thoreau, Sylvia Plath, and many more – there is a lot of history and places to explore. Their houses, their meeting places such as Emerson House, Orchard House (where L. M. Alcott penned Little Women – a great literary wonder) all are waiting to be explored.

Not to forget Boston has some most renowned universities that a book lover would want to visit and view their gorgeous libraries.

Moscow & St. Petersburg

Literary lovers know that Russian literature is a class apart. People love to read Russian literature. Names such as Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Nabakov, and so many great minds have been from the land of Russia. A great book lover would want to visit the houses of these men and see the museum of such literary marvels.

The story of Anna Karenina has been a really loved book, and visiting the places where it was set will always be a great idea.

My personal favorite Crime & Punishment was set in St. Petersburg. When you visit now, the abject poverty has gotten better yet you can trace the journey of the characters in that dwelling.

New York

Other than the jazz and the party of New York, there has been a great deal of literary work set in New York. Right from the chick-lit books to thought-provoking ones. Such as The catcher in the rye and the ever amazing The Godfather – New York offers life and intellect both to the readers of books. This cosmopolitan city has nOT only served as a great backdrop for great stories. But also kept writers such as  Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller, Jack Kerouac, and many others to write stories that love forever.

One must visit the Strand Bookstore that is the most treasured shop for book lovers of the NewYork city.


It is definitely a city that has many reasons for being loved.  First of all this city has libraries that need a whole life to study. Moreover, this city has inspired a scary genius like Edgar Allan Poe to write some amazing piece of prose as well as poetry. Rome has taken many authors of different countires and given them the fertile place to write and blossom.

American Novelist  Nathaniel Hawthorne’s famous book The marble faun also set in Rome. Modern days favorite and controversial Dan Brown has a few books in which Rome has been a center stage of stories.

Many tourists were seen visiting Rome and the Vatican with books in their hands. It was because they could not resist how mad the plot was for them. The readers wanted to experience everything on their own.

The books in this world are never-ending, and so are the plots. However, we picked only the top tier of such cities, that have the greatest book stores, libraries, as well as literary thread work of writers and their lives set there.

Stay tuned for we will share the cities with the most amazing book stores to be visited.

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