Must see 5 US cities for art lovers

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The US has seen tough times. The economic slump and other factors have not been kind to the creative souls of the country. However, if you are creative or an art lover you still have a lot to love in this country. So to have some inspiration or to make your travel plan more fun if you are looking for cities that are great for art lovers – we have a few suggestions here.

Although, we know that the kind of art scene each state offers is different. Mainly because the new wave of artists is sometimes immigrants or children of immigrants. Their addition to the art is somewhat reflective of their roots. But eventually, art has no boundaries. It is universal.

So this year when you are thinking of traveling in the US (interstate) or probably flying to the US from anywhere in the world then do try to somehow check out these cities.

Our listed cities are in no particular order of liking, as art cannot be judged from one person’s perspective. However, on a basis of strong recall, we went on to formulate the cities listing

New York

Certainly, most Americans even if want to try local travel make sure to visit New York. This city is significant for art because of all the things because here everyone gets a chance to prosper- late or early. Moreover, the pull of the museums here is colossal. There is the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in simpler words mother of art in all ways.  Check out A human-headed winged lion (lamassu), Sphinx, or the Starry Nights – wonder by Van Gogh and so much more all there.

The contemporary Brooklyn has another thriving scene for all. You have places such as the Brooklyn Art Museum, Guggenheim Museum, Whitney Museum of American Art, and other galleries too.

San Francisco

San Francisco is a true art canvas. There are not only plenty of old schools art places but also plenty of street art and graffiti places. It is like a free stroll in an art gallery. So if you must prioritize, do visit this Golden City.

There is art for all. Your taste may be very different but one finds something to drool over and say wow.  Go ahead and visit the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art which as the building itself has a lot of history and controversies attached to it. The collection of photographs and other modern art collection are amazing. There are many other galleries to be explored in this city that you can easily access with the help of Google. But on our recommendation visit the Mission District to enjoy the insane murals that are beautiful to look and great to take pictures with.


The capital of the US not only has great parks but also a good art scene. The people dwelling here have had a great tilt towards art and so the art landscape has been becoming better.

Firstly, there are plenty of free museums here. So there you go save some dough! A visit to the National Gallery of Art is a must. You get a real glimpse of the world’s best right from Da Vinci to Rembrandt. Also do take time out to explore the National Museum of Women in the Arts to learn the contribution of women to the art at all times. You must also visit the National Museum of Africa,  Hirshhorn Museum, and Sculpture Garden.

A must stop at Phillips Collection will show you Picasso, Van Gogh, Matisse, and numerous great artists and their work for the real lovers of art and history.

Santa Fe

This place is a magnet for art makers and art lovers alike.  The effect of Spanish immigrants can be seen on the general arts and performance in this area as well.  You can view that side by visiting the Museum of Spanish Colonial Art. The ever famous  Georgia O’Keeffe’s stay in this city has led to housing her work in the  Georgia O’Keeffe Museum. Therefore, this museum is definitely a place to be seen with roughly around 800 paintings and drawings made by her shown here.

There is also the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture and the Wheelwright Museum with the collection of Native American art.  When your thirst for art is beyond the galleries one must visit the Canyon Road and the Railyard District to see and experience one of the best art exhibits of the country.


Chicago is definitely a stop for art lovers. The Art Institute of Chicago has the finest and quite large impressionist collections. Not only French Art but this city has a thriving modern art scene as well.

You can check more amazing and different forms of art at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, the National Museum of Mexican Art. Also, anyone visiting Chicago will have a mandatory trip to the Iconic Bean in Millenium Park. This park itself has many artsy monuments for connoisseurs of art and creativity.  

Let’s say these were the top frequent and easily visited art cities of the USA, we will try to cover more that are less heard of yet equally stimulating for creative souls.

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