Must-Have Essentials for a beach vacation in 2020

Holiday at beach

The year 2020 has changed the face of travel in more ways than one. Many of us have taken the route of road trips and exploring local and closer areas. This also means that cities by the beaches will be livelier. So, this year if you are planning for a beach vacation to some city closer to you, or probably booking a spot a little farther from the house but closer to the beach, then do so.

Get your dose of vitamin sea, dip your feet in the water while you are more productive about your work, and enjoy a great beach vacation.

Face masks and sanitizers

Try to wear a mask on the beaches. Nobody is stopping you from fun, as soon as you believe that you are stepping in a slightly crowded part of the beach try to wear the mask for that time period. This will keep you and your family safe.

Make sure that you are carrying  the below items in good amount for your group.

  • Hand sanitizers
  •  Gloves
  •  Wet wipes

Car care

No matter what or where you go keep this one in your car. It will help you inflate your car tire at any point and keep you all spirited for the trip.

Clothes, skin care & towels

This is a no brainer, you need a couple of clothes and towels with you. In case, you are staying at a hotel the latter will be provided to you. So make sure to pack an extra set of clothes, a great swimsuit, and innerwear as well. In case, you are traveling with kids, we suggest you pack a double set of clothes. The important beach items in clothing are

  • Try to pack clothes in a zip lock bag so the sand remains out. This also helps in keeping the damp clothes contained in one spot.
  • Pack loads of sunscreen for children and all adults.
  • There could be bugs and mosquitoes so keep a bug repellant in the bag as well.
  • A good moisturizer is also a great help post showers.

First Aid kit

Emergencies can arise anywhere. A bad stomach or a case of throwing up can all occur. So toss major pills and powders that can ward off such emergencies at the beach without any fuss.

Beach accessories

If you want to have a great time and even click some great pictures do invest in a few beach accessories of your own. They last longer and you will always know that they are clean. So invest in them. Some of our suggested items are

  • Beach chairs
  • Beach tents
  • Folding table to keep stuff like books and phones
  • Beach umbrella – because that’s a classic beach item
  • Beach mats

These items can make the time at beach perfect and like a great planned beach holiday. 

Technology items

No picnic or daily life is imaginable without technology. The stereo players have been replaced. The landlines are long gone and a constant need to be charged up is a must with all individuals. So to keep the music and battery life going, we recommend you to carry these items as well. A few of them are recommended with shop links for your convenience as well. As we have tried them and recommend them too.

You have to comprehend that using technology will help us more. The waterproof speaker is a great music accessory to keep the beach spirit alive. The constantly low on battery sign on phone will keep you away from taking great pictures. So you do your party and shoot great pictures while having the right accessories at the beach keeps you always sorted for more charging needs.

Also, if you are particular about your health then make sure that you are wearing your smart watch it keeps you on track of all your physical exertion anywhere.

Beach Cutlery

Since many of us are going eco friendly, choose cutlery as per your liking. Be it paper plates, plastic ones, or steel cups. Attempt to pack the cutlery which is lightweight and easy to dispose of later or keep back after washing.

Try to dispose of all the items in the designated dust bins and do not litter beaches. Make your beach vacation great and keep the beach clean for others too.

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