Most stunning subway stations around the world

Subway in Sweden

Let’s be honest. The people who commute every day on a train find the part of commute immensely boring. For them hearing someone chew a candy, wear bad perfume or hear music loudly is all annoying. People associate subways with creepy homeless people or some bad memory. However, tourists take a special interest in such places as a city. As these places show the real spirit of the place.

However, architects have always wanted to be remembered for their craft. So when commissioned with the task of making a subway look amazing they put their distinctive style in it and made the commute better for the eyes and lovely to remember. We have compiled the list of a few amazing/breathtaking or insanely designed subway stations in no particular order of liking. However, the first one is our favorite and you will know why.

Expo MRT Station – Singapore


The UFO has just landed in the world and they are here to take you! Well not exactly but this amazing futuristic-looking station is super cool to look at all times of the day. The round disc transports passengers up to the platform. The best part that this disc is just not aesthetic. The titanium coated disc of the station gives a space ship feel. Additionally, this design gives more sunlight in daytime over the platform. consecutively it keeps the temperature lower.

T-Centralen Station – Sweden

Art exhibit in Swedish Subway

This is the most active art gallery in the world where people commute in trains -Stockholm’s station. The station houses work of more than 140 artists. The exhibit includes both permanent and temporary artworks. The highlight of this underground system is the fact that all three stations meet at one point. The soothing blue and white shades painted can make any journey better.


 Arts et Métiers –France

Subway in Paris

Originally this was a station built in the year 1904. However, in 1994 it was redesigned again. The look is that of a brass made submarine. The 19th-century navigation apparatus is designed in the whole subway system along with the riveted copper walls and huge gears. One feels like they have time traveled in a 19th-century era. The station was made by Belgium’s artist Francois Schuiten inspired by the fiction works of Jules Verne. There is also a museum above the metro station. This museum has inventions and odd creations of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Avtovo — Russia

Russian Metro in St. Petersburg

Russia has had a history of boom, success, break up of a country, and long war. Yet, the gigantic and fairytale-like metro station is a sight to look again and again. This subway is constructed in the industrial region. The mosaic artwork, beautiful chandeliers, and royal marble columns all are a sight for sore eyes. The beauty and artwork of this station pay homage to the Leningrad Blockade of WWII.

No Photography is permitted in this station. You may be subject to a fine if you do so. Therefore, absorb its beauty and enjoy its magnificence while you are there.

Toledo Metro Station — Italy


Italy is the hub of beauty and art. So, we can imagine that they will make something eye-catching for the tourists. Naples Metro station is one such work of beauty.

Toledo station was designed with the theme of colors and abstract art. by a designer from New York. One look at it transports you in the psychedelic world of colors and brightness. It is also connected to the shopping mall. The LED purple lighting gives one a soothing feel, while the big hole measuring 125 feet long allows passengers to look up all to the surface.

There will be a series of more subways that are stunning and awe-inspiring for tourists and locals alike. We shall cover those too. However, one such metro station that is still not open deserves major applause.

 Riyadh Metro

This project is not functional. However, the most ambitious project designed by the late Zaha Hadid. This station will function with renewable energy. The look is an inspiration from the sand dunes of Saudi Arabia. It was expected to open by second half of 2020. However, the pandemic may have changed the whole equation.

Stay tuned as we will share more awe-inspiring subway stations of the world that continue to make journeys beautiful and keep the travelers loving the metro station waiting hours worth it.

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