Mauritius Introduces One-year Visa for Workers and Tourists

Holiday Destination

Mauritius is one of the most desired holiday destinations. It is famous for its palm-fringed golden sandy beaches, beautiful lagoons, and lush green scenery.

However, people can now stay on this beautiful island for a year, without needing to quit their job to do so. This is because Mauritius is launching a brand new one-year visa. However, it is open to both tourists and remote workers.

Mauritian authorities are set to unveil a new Premium Travel Visa granting a stay on the island for up to one year.

People can now apply as a tourist, a retiree, or a professional seeking to work remotely from there. Therefore, if anyone always wanted to explore some of the island’s incredible offerings. Or they want a change in their working environment they must Apple for this visa.

Requirements for Applying for the Visa

However, there are some requirements that the applicant will have to fulfill. For example, people on a year visa will not be allowed to ‘enter the Mauritius Labour Market’. And their source of income will need to come from outside the island. Moreover, the applicant must provide all the necessary documents and meet immigration requirements.

Authorities have said that an online platform for the e-Visa application will ‘be available shortly’ although no exact date has been confirmed.

People who are interested can get more information regarding this type of visa on the government’s website.

However, it’s not the only dreamy island to be offering a scheme of this nature. A number of Caribbean islands including Barbados have recently unveiled new visas specifically aimed at remote workers who want to come and do their jobs from those picture-perfect beaches.

On The Safe List

However, for now, Mauritius is on the UK’s travel corridors list. This means that when travelers return after their visit they will not have to quarantine for 14 days. Moreover, it is also exempt from the FCDO advice against non-essential travel. However, there are entry requirements if you want to visit the island. But before visiting, people must check the latest FCDO Mauritius advice for more information and updates.

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