Marriott Launches A New Escape to Luxury Program

International Hotel

Marriott International announced a new offering for guests who book at hotels that are participating in this offer. It includes hotels in North America, the Caribbean, and Latin America. That is offering this new Escape to Luxury offerings with Marriott Bonvoy.

However, they are launching it at The Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis Hotels & Resorts, and EDITION properties. It will be available for a limited time each month to both Marriott Bonvoy members and non-members. This is a way to enhance the trips and vacations, including up to $300 in credits.

Escape to Luxury offer will be available from September. And was designed to highlight the hotel company’s offerings with access to a range of immersive activities, amenities, and singular experiences celebrating each unique destination.

“We are thrilled to launch Escape to Luxury with Marriott Bonvoy at some of our most beloved luxury properties in the Americas.” Marriott International Global Brand & Marketing Officer Tina Edmundson said. “Each hotel and resort provides its own distinct adventures. And this offering will allow guests to enhance their stay by immersing themselves in the local culture and indulging in their passions.”

After the travel bans are lifting in many countries, many hotels are giving promotional discounts to attract more customers. In order to recover the loss caused during this time.

Adventurous Activities Included

The Escape to Luxury program includes a range of activities, such as sports, entertainment, and culinary adventures. Some of the activities include indigenous spa treatments, private sabering lessons, kayak tours, and more.

However, last month, Marriott joined forces with concierge company Quintessentially to curate a collection of one of a kind adventures.

Hygiene Protocols 

Marriott International released its details for sanitation and hygiene.

However, it says that new high-tech sanitation strategies would be introduced. This will include the use of electrostatic sprayers and hospital-grade disinfectants. The company will also test the use of ultraviolet technology to sanitize keys and devices shared by hotel staff. 

The Pandemic Effect

The hospitality industry is majorly hit by the pandemic, as there are no tourists and traveling bans in many countries. Therefore, it will take a lot of time for the hotels to recover the losses. As most of the people have rescheduled or canceled their traveling plans and reservations, the hotels are less crowded.

However, because of this pandemic, many hotels have laid off their employees. And some have reduced the working hours of employees which results in less hourly wages. 

Hotels are reducing costs, as revenues are very low and taking every step to survive this difficult time of the pandemic. 

Still, the hotel management will have to work on the policies and guidelines to make it seem safer for the customers to stay at the hotel. They will have to win back the customer’s confidence.

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