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Kids travel tips

Solo travel and group travel has many pros and cons. However, many people do not discuss the whole science behind travel with kids and children. There has been a rise in cases when new parents and people with relatively young kids or infants have started to travel easily than earlier.

There are many reasons in this increase now such as

  • People are becoming minimalists and want more experiences than material things.
  • Ease of travel in terms of more places to stay and commute.
  • Increase in technology to make future arrangements seamlessly easy.
  • One has better options for entertainment while on road or up in the air.

Follow a few of our tips and you will have an easier trip for sure

Plan it all

There is major planning involved in a travel plan. When you add a child/children to it the planning is doubled. Right from their medicines, important documents, and toys plan everything out.

Be the early bird

 For the road trip, rail trip, or the air one – leave early. Your early steps will guarantee you more time for last-minute toilet runs, food cravings, or boarding the planes.

Book everything in advance

Make good use of technology and book everything. Your Airbnb, hotels are pretty much order of the day. These can be managed via phones or websites. However, try to book the vehicles, tourist groups, ferries, and even food slots ( COVID travel case in point). This way the plan is clear and you know the routine.

Discuss with kids

Children seldom like a sudden change. Therefore, when the plan is cemented make sure that you start discussing with children. This way their anticipation is positive and they are also mentally prepared to fly.

Many children when informed about many aspects of travel such as toilet breaks or using gum during take-off remember well. This works well as they remember the discussions and are less cranky or complaining. Also, children give their feedback and suggestions. Take their suggestions and try to show them a few of those places as well.

Flight/ ride time should be planned

Try to book flights with the kids sleeping time in mind! The nap or nighttime sleep should not be compromised as kids have a major meltdown while boarding. Either plan as per their sleep schedule or put them to sleep for a couple of hours earlier than the flight.

Pro tip from our team is to try and avoid the first and last flight. This will keep you insulated from any delay or flight trouble. As most flights getting direct impact from weather or route changes are the first and last ones.

Medicine and snack bag

Make sure that your snacks and medicine bags are with you in the carry-on bags. There could be any lightheadedness, bad stomach episode with your kid. So the medicines should just be a minute away from you.

 Try to pack a good amount of snacks for the kids to remain bearable and fun. In the case of a road or air travel- brace yourself for plenty of healthy and unhealthy snacking.

Check/ replace kids travel gear

Strollers or slings must be duly checked in case you see signs of any damage get it fixed. It is advised to buy stuff that is easy for travelling in terms of weight and durability.

Child discounts

Before bookings, make sure there are any child discounts. It could be at any tourist spot, cinema, restaurant, or even flight deal. Many places have days assigned for free activities for children and this helps for sure.

Pack wisely

One cannot transfer all belongings of the children in the travel period. Make them in charge of picking their favorite toys and books and set a limit, this way they know what they really want when away from home.

Remember, if you are not going to some remote village most likely most things for children will be available.

In case, of a skin allergy that may be triggered by some other diaper brand, you need to pack complete stock of diapers and wipes. Otherwise, it is completely ok to pack light according to the destination and its offered products.

Gifts and devices for kids

One more way to keep the travel fun is you keep the tabs and phones with you while keeping a check on-screen time. Moreover, buy small gifts for the children earlier. While traveling be it on the plane or after the road trip give them their gift. This will help them know that their good behavior is rewarded.

Independent children

If the child is big or even a four-year-old, pack their individual bags. This not only gives them pride and the feeling of being old but also inculcates responsibility.

Plan long layovers

A long layover ensures that you can eat, go to the loo and wander with kids before huffing and puffing for the next leg of travel.

Security and safety

This is most important in any travel plan. Be very vigilant when not in your city. For elder kids, make them learn the phone numbers, email addresses, and names. You can also buy small simple phones to stay connected. For little ones who can talk and remember things make them learn the digits.

Also, insert papers with relevant details in their pockets or even a lanyard with card will work.

Break the button of panic and stay calm

No matter what happens. Stay clam, plans will change. Detours and late arrivals will happen. However, all such unplanned events later become memories and lessons for next travel plans. Do not panic and try to find solutions to the problem.  Remember children emulate their elders and you don’t want to raise a panicky human being.

Travel well and raise young little travelers with more confidence and exploration urge.

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