Major Changes at Liverpool Hotel

Liverpool Hotel at the dock

Hotels around the world are reopening but with major changes. Liverpool’s one of the most high-profile hotels decided to share its plans about the major changes it did before Reopening.

Titanic Hotel Liverpool on Stanley Dock will reopen next week. However, it plans to reopen its doors on July 6. It was not operating for months due to the lockdown restrictions.

After the announcement from Prime Minister Boris Johnson that hotels, along with bars, restaurants, and hairdressers, could reopen. from July 4. The hotel has been making big changes to its venue since then. However, the prime minister made the announcement in June about the reopening of hotels.

The Cleaning Regime

The hotel is making big changes in its cleaning procedures from Monday. It will be the hotel’s new superior cleaning regime, ‘A New Clean’ and it includes several steps.

However, from July onwards, Titanic Hotel Liverpool will have these new measures in place:

There will be visible cleaning and hygiene protocols throughout the hotel. Hand sanitizer stations are available throughout the hotel.

However, the hotel is using a cleaning and sanitizing program for all guest bedrooms and bathrooms. Moreover, areas that are frequently in contact with the guests will be given specific extra attention.

Moreover, the room key cards that the guests will be using will be disinfected with medical-grade antimicrobial agents.

The hotel will be washing the bedding at a minimum of 70°C for at least 25 mins to kill potential bacteria.

The hotel staff will be cleaning the tableware which includes all used and unused wares, condiments, and placemats. However, along with other items, linens will go under removal and disinfection after each party has left. They also plan to clean and disinfect tabletops and chair arms after each seating.

The hotel has decided to do contactless check-ins and check-outs by calling guests prior to arrival. By this way of check-in and check out there will be a limited amount of contact with staff and other visitors in the reception area.

Moreover, to reduce the contact, the collection of a room key will be made by using contactless payments.

Changes In the Room

There are some major changes that you will experience in the hotel’s room. All the non-essential furnishings and items are put away from the rooms, to ensure that cleaning staff can clean efficiently.

Guests will now be given the option of in-room and takeaway for all dining services, along with table service at the hotel’s bars and restaurants.

In House Restaurant

Stanley’s Bar and Grill are also open and they will be welcoming diners with a number of changes in place. However, guests will have to make bookings in advance.

Moreover, menus are now available in digital versions or single-use copies.

Unfortunately, the hotel has temporarily suspended its valet parking but the doormen and concierge team will be on hand.

Titanic Hotel Liverpool’s Maya Blue Wellness, which features a gym, thermal suite and treatment rooms, remains closed until further notice, though bookings can be made from.

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