Lufthansa to Play its Role in COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

German Airline

As there has been an approval of several Covid-19 vaccines. Lufthansa Cargo prepares to take part in the global distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine in the coming months.

The German group has implemented a dedicated task force prepared for a variety of transport scenarios.

Effective in Dealing with Pharmaceutical Products

“The distribution of temperature- and time-sensitive pharmaceuticals is extremely demanding.”

“We were one of the first airlines to specialize in the transport of medical goods and pharmaceuticals. And can therefore draw on many years of experience.

“Thanks to the recent expansion of our ground infrastructure. We can also handle larger volumes. And transport them worldwide while supporting our customers to maintain the cold chain,” explained Peter Gerber, chief executive of Lufthansa Cargo.

In addition, he said, “In 2019, we transported around 100,000 tons of pharmaceuticals.”

“We are ready to make another important contribution to overcoming the pandemic by distributing the vaccines worldwide.”

Ready to Transport

However, Lufthansa Cargo already has the transport of vaccines available with them. Moreover, the company recently introduced a premium product to its customers that were specifically made for the transport of Covid-19 vaccines.

The product, with the name Covid-19 Temp Premium, will be available for booking from January 11. Moreover, it will provide enhanced and personalized customer service along the travel chain.

However, the shipment of the vaccine and the entire process will be monitored. And 24/7 after-sales customer support will also be available.

Furthermore, Covid-19 Temp Premium includes high priority capacity access. The fastest speed option in combination with temperature focus and comprehensive security standards as well as increased bookability throughout the entire Lufthansa Cargo network.

However, the specific packaging, transport, handling, and storage requirements of the various Covid-19 vaccines. And the quantities that they will transport, by which routes and over which periods of time, are partly still open.

But the actual transport routes of the vaccines depend mostly on future production sites. However, for approved vaccines and the respective recipient markets.

As the carrier has a freighter fleet of 18 aircraft so it is able to meet the demand flexibly. However, if needed the provision of additional belly capacity can also be examined.

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