Lufthansa flying negative fliers in German cities

German airline

The Largest German airline has come with a new way to ensure the safety of its fliers. Their plan begins from 12th November with the first test runs for comprehensive Covid-19 antigen rapid tests. On selected flights between Munich and Hamburg, these tests will be carried out.

This drive is consensual. Also, those fliers who do not wish to be tested can be transferred to an alternative flight with zero cost or charges on them.

Partners in growth

Lufthansa initiated this endeavor in partnership with Munich and Hamburg airports. Also, a biotech company Centogene and the Medicover Group’s medical care centre MVZ Martinsried. This testing will be conducted free of any cost before the daily flight departures of the two flights.

This step is a trailblazer for other carriers. Sooner or later, in the absence of a vaccine, a pre-flight test procedure has to be made a part of the airport routine. As stated by  Christina Foerster the Lufthansa board member for Customer, IT & Corporate Responsibility “Successful testing of entire flights can be the key to revitalizing international air traffic”.

As antigen tests give results quicker than the PCR swab tests. However, they can be less reliable. But, at present, the aviation industry, carriers, and tourism industry all have hit their low. Therefore, the ways and means to minimize the loss is the beacon of hope.

The flight details

One has to inform Lufthansa about the interest in “Covid 19-Tested Flights” in order to go on this special flight. The requirement for this flight is to be at the airport two hours before the departure.

Test results will be available in an hour or less. People with negative results will board the plane. The flight crew also will be tested for Covid. Also, all negative board flights will have the mask policy intact. None of the passengers or crew will be taking off their masks on the flight.

A word of caution for interested passengers. None of the passengers should eat, drink, chew gum, brush teeth, or smoke for 15 minutes before the test in order not to falsify the test result. Consequently, in case of a positive result, the passenger cannot rebook the flight till the quarantine period is over.

Reason behind this move

Christina Foerster said, “with our test strategy, we are pursuing the goal of using the data obtained to gain important insights into the use of rapid tests.”

This data will be the driving force behind the new face of the aviation industry. As the crisis of this industry is gigantic, the only way to bring customer confidence back is by making their fears end.

This way, one sits on a flight knowing that each and every passenger on board is covid free. This is a huge relief and an intangible asset for the company.

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