Christmas Things To Experience In London

Christmas vibes

Since the lockdown has been lifted for the UK one can not stop but think of an English Christmas. The Christmas of London is always an amazing and warm experience for the visitors. So this year escape the dread and try to make your Christmas fun with the family by visiting London.

My last visit to London was two years ago, for a Christmas Bash and a short trip with my partner to his grandparents. The things I did in Pre Covid times were different and very dear to me. However, I still believe in the magic of Christmas, and it’s all twinkling lights making people happy.

However, this year I have realized that I should think more about moments and less about commodities. My guide below is only for people who want to see the beauty of London and worry less about shopping.

Christmas Lights

Of course, with London Christmas, one wants to see the magnificent lights of Christmas. The good news is that the UK has already done a brilliant job with handling Covid. Therefore, with all the distancing in practice, one can see the amazing lights of London.

Street Lights

I’d recommend that you go to Kew Gardens, and hear the classic Christmas music along the trail. Oxford, Carnaby, and Bond streets all are a must-see spot for visitors. Firstly, these places are big shopping areas for people. Secondly, Christmas means gift buying. So if you are meeting someone while practicing safety buy gifts for your loved ones while looking at the festive lights.

Christmas Markets

As I said, Christmas this year is more special to me. Moreover, people around the world are realizing the importance of moments more than things. So this time around when you want to learn how to value someone. Take them out for a stroll to the warmest and magical Christmas Markets.

The year 2020 means that many events and gatherings will be canceled. But the festive spirit is still there. The most famous Christmas Markets in London have each year brought huge crowds to see the city.  The little trinkets, baubles, tinsel, and lights all are available in warm aromatic shops. Your Christmas shopping idea will totally change in London. Here the shops are as adorable as you would have imagined. The wooden chalets sell everything for the people. Sadly, this year Winter woodland Christmas Market and South Bank Center Market are closed due to the pandemic.

However, you can go to the smaller version of these markets at Leicester Square Christmas Market.  Amit a college friend who resides in London and practices Hinduism has already been a loyal shopper at this market. In his words “ Diwali and Christmas both here at Leicester Square are the best days of our lives, we are out and about enjoying the festivity of this area.”

Christmas market stalls

The wooden ornaments, imported savory treats, and loads of Christmassy vibes are waiting for the visitors.

Ice Skating

Even if you live in a cold area and are accustomed to ice skating, chances are London ice skating will be altogether a new experience. The love of this festive season is universal be it at the Rockefeller Center or a simple park with a frozen rink ice skating with family and special ones is always the quintessential Christmas thing.

Although, this year Somerset House is not open for ice skating due to the pandemic. There are a few beautiful spots that will open to the public. Although we know that bookings will be made after ensuring all protocols of safety. Henry VII’s historic home, Hampton Court Palace is one such place that is open in 2020. So book your tickets in advance and go with family and friends for the best and safe outdoorsy experience.

Skating on Christmas

This year, the rink has been expanded to make it more friendly for people. Also, the view of the historic Tudor Gate will mesmerize you. The Ice Rink Café will operate on prior bookings done online. This year’s fun is all present for Christmas but with online reservations.

My Christmas ice skating experience at Skylight was the most memorable one. The spectacular glass igloos are perfect to spend the best time with loved ones. The sunset view, London city view, and the wine from Skylight will surely disperse all the sadness of this year.

My recommended spot of a great hang for sure is the Skylight. Make your booking for London right away and use Traveljin for finding the best hotel deals for your stay.

Lockdown in London is over but you got to be careful! So enjoy your Christmas fun but practice caution.

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