Latest Mask Policy for US Airlines

Travel with caution

Airlines and cabin crews have had a very big change in their mode of working. In the past seven months airports shut down and later many flights were grounded.

The US Government, WHO, and other governing bodies have shared their views on the face masks. It is hugely recommended to wear a mask while stepping out of the house. Therefore, the same rule is implemented in places of interaction.

Flying without a mask

Masks have been made mandatory for most places. Airports and planes are no exception.  Most airlines are not letting the passengers get on the plane without masks.

Recently, a passenger on a flight from New York to Dallas was removed from flight upon refusing to wear a mask. Children under ten, people with medical conditions that state no use of masks or food and drinks need are the only exceptions for not wearing a mask. Ignoring the rule may lead to suspending non-compliant passengers from future travel as well.

The new generation is very smart to say I did not sign up for this. The first thing is checking their terms and conditions.

Therefore, all those who sign up to buy the ticket agree to comply with airline rules, that may be subject to change as per state laws.

However, many people had issues embracing the change and have been asked to go back home or change their expectations with air travel.

Social distancing

Apart from masks, many airlines resorted to leaving middle seats vacant as well. As of now, a few airlines have reversed this rule owing to higher demand. However, this is a developing process that may take new shapes.

The coming 4th of July will mark more people flying on domestic routes as well. Presently, Europe has banned American flights, therefore we know the volume has already shrunken to a new low.

At present all airlines are somewhat or the other adhering to mask policies, below is a snapshot of the major players of the American Aviation.

American Airlines

Only in cases of very young children the airline is fine without a mask. Otherwise, masks are important and noncompliance may lead to getting off the plane. All passengers have to wear and carry their masks.

However, a limited seating principle is not a must followed protocol for American Airlines. They are letting passengers switch their flights without any charges if they wish to go with fewer passengers.

Delta Airlines

Passengers as well as crew members are required to wear a mask.  Extra masks are available by the airline at different points such as lounges, boarding gates, etc. Only people with medical conditions and small children are exempted from the mask policy.

Their middle seats are blocked with due diligence. The capping begins at 50% – 75% depending on the class of the ticket such as first-class, economy class, etc.

Frontier airlines

All frontier officers at counters, passengers boarding as well as crew members are required to wear masks.  They are blocking a few middle seats that also come with extra leg space for the beneficiary. However, the luxury of middle seat blockage and legroom comes with a variable additional fee. The variances of the charges depend on flight and route.

Hawaiian Airlines

The passengers are to wear masks from boarding till deplaning of the flight. The middle seats are blocked on larger aircraft presently. Also, the condition of this rule may alter in the future. Therefore, it is unsure for how long will they continue with the seat blocking.

JetBlue Airline

The crews as well as passengers are to follow mask policy from the check-in till deplaning. Most middle seats of larger planes have been blocked. Also, JetBlue has blocked aisle seats for the smaller aircraft.

Other airlines have resorted to face coverings if not masks. Some players provide the masks to the passengers while with others one has to carry their own mask.

The travel routine now won’t only require us to match and compare baggage policy or extra amenities. As a consumer, we all will look further into health concerns, masks usage, and social distancing. Welcome to the new mode of travel.

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