Kenya – Exotic Land for All!

Safari experience

Africa has long been a continent ignored or misused. Cultural appropriation and misuse of resources all have been seen in the last century. However, as the rules, racist learning has been forgotten while empathy, love, and diversity have been taught. People have started to appreciate the diversity and exotic beauty of the continent.

Kenya is a country that has emerged well on the world map based on its business and sea trade activities too. The country has five major airports that international travelers can use for their travel plans.

Africa’s beauty

People think of desert safari when they talk about Kenya. However, the country is more than that. Although labeled as the number one travel location of East Africa, Kenya is more than safari trips. The trekking, beaching, nightlife, and plenty of sightseeing for animals, and their care is what makes Kenya truly memorable.

A little above fifty years in terms of independence, this country has done a great job in marketing itself to the world. People visit this country experience the activities and proximity to nature and go back home satisfied.

A few major attractions of this superb city are

  • Mount Kenya
  • National Parks – there are many in Kenya
  • Shela beach
  • Elephant sanctuary
  • Masai Mara
  • Lamu Island visit
  • Visit Iten to see where Olympic winners are trained

This country has a lot of sights to offer. But we are picking just the very few ones for our readers and leaving many more for our next posts when you want to experience Kenya’s great wonders. You may get there with an easy e-visa so the commute is pretty much sorted.

Weather difference

Kenya has summer from December till March while the months from June till September are cooler. It shares the season of the southern hemisphere. Their winters are nice and soothing for most travelers. Therefore, pack according to their temperature guidelines.

Be ready to see acres of land, plenty of animals, and do remember the people of Kenya are very friendly, you will be a changed person when you learn about their humility and love for life of all.

Masai Mara National Park

Make the most of your trip to this huge wildlife reserve.  People stay for around three days. There are proper guided tours from companies for the guests. Tourists get to stay in the camps and experience the real feel of the wild in their trips. Though Kenya has plenty of wildlife national parks that we will cover in detail, this one is the most coveted of all.

You get there by night time and are sent to the assigned camp area. The people in the savannah experience get to see the real world of animals in the best way. The tourists get to see zebras, giraffes, elephants, lions, etc in their habitat.

This experience is a must for anyone visiting Kenya, all other national parks on one side and their animal movement experience another one.

The Lion King Movie scene comes as a reality if you are lucky to experience the Great Migration of the wildbeest. Let your love of Disney ‘Lion King be alive in this goosebump giving experience.

Masai Village and interaction

Make sure to see and absorb the Masai culture. It may be a cliché touristy thing that you want to escape, but years down the road you will recall their special clothes, their homes, and the warmth they extend to the visitors which may be practiced or inherent – we cannot confirm.

National Parks

In case you do not have the heart of seeing animal preying on others in the wild savannahs. You may opt for many different and subtle national parks. Kenya has many for you. Right from Amboseli National Park, Nairobi National Park there are many to choose from. Nairobi National Park is smaller and closer to the city but immensely famous for having the extinct black rhinos. Here you say hello to gazelles, zebras, giraffes, ostriches, and many beautiful birds here and enjoy your safari trip.

There are many sanctuaries and wildlife reservation spots in Kenya too. This place is truly a heaven for animal lovers. A few famous and prominent spots are Giraffe Centre, Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary, Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary, Shimba Hills National Reserve. To sum it up Kenya has a lot going on for animals, maybe they are not as commercial as the rest of the world or their hearts are in the right places to show love and tolerance for the animals.

Mount Kenya

The second highest peak in Africa is in Kenya. The top of the mountains was previously completely snow-capped. However, global warming has taken its toll and resulted in the rapid melting of the glaciers. The trek to this mountain is a highlight for many visitors to Kenya.

The country not only has amazing natural habitat and landscape. But their beaches, city life and the port industry is rising and getting famous. Honeymooners and adventure lovers love to experience Africa in such a safe yet closer to real way.

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