Keep your travel convenient & stylish in times of Covid

Travel accessories

The last quarter of the year 2020 has seen a rise in travel. People are finally accepting norms of social distancing and traveling with the practices of safe distancing.

This also indicates that there will be more flights around Christmas, Thanks Giving and New Year dates. Therefore, this post is directly written for people who have a variety of things in mind to pack in such trying times. We have varieties that we think you need to keep your travel looks stylish, healthy, and safe. Moreover, it will keep you organized as well.

Health first

The first but most important things we suggest you to keep are health related. Get this box of Latex gloves for all your outdoor needs. So you can stay indoors if you quarantine yourself at the destination and use gloves while making any contact with outsiders.

Further, if there is anything that we know stands true like the Gospel Truth, it is the magic of sterilization. Now you can clean your chairs, hotel pillows, and everything with the portable UV Sanitizer. This will help you feel safe and confident in whichever place you choose to stay.

Safe luggage

The rising concern amongst travelers is the need to sanitize every product in the bag. As many travelers are not at ease with the situation of pandemic. Such people can make their life tough by putting everything individually in the travel bags. However, for them we have the best idea, using travel organizers.

Although we know those travel organizers are great for luggage storage and easier travel. But their importance has increased at such times when people have all things to sanitize and more experiences to achieve.

Our suggestion is to minimize the products to be cleaned once you reach your destination by packing them in better cases. This way you sanitize only the cases while unpacking and know that products are germ free.

For this purpose we suggest you to have

You must make your travel packing easy. The travel accessories available online with Travel Jin have been checked under quality control to ensure that the end-user is satisfied. Moreover, this keeps the packing time short. As you divide and place all the things of need as per their boxes. The digital accessories are clubbed in one box, while your treasured hard drive can go in another one. More useful is the division of dirty laundry, clean clothes, makeup, and documents.

This can be done if you keep all your stuff in different organizers.

Digital Needs

The need to stay connected with the world, with ample battery is no more an alien concept. We all want an extra battery, more connections with loved ones and no distancing virtually.

It’s ironic with the prevalent Coivd-19 our need to stay connected has grown exponentially and so are our digital needs. Always invest in good Power Banks while you travel. To keep your search easy we found the best ones for our avid travelers. The super sleek and discounted Power Bank is what you need with you.

Pro tip – always keep two power banks in case you are busy shopping and partying, you always have another one ready for you in times of need. Therefore, our recommended Power Bank is light on pocket and the best way to buy and keep two for your use.

If you are a travel blogger who needs to check on how you look, then in such a case we got a Power Bank that not only keeps your vanity needs in mind. But also, a constant refuge to charge your phones in case you are out of your hotel rooms. This one has cute light that serves as a lamp or powerful enough to make pictures look better.

Travel Looks

Again if you have to keep your Insta family and followers happy, you must want to take plenty of pictures. However, this only happens when you are always looking great.

This is a tough one when you are out of the comfort of your home without access to a multitude of products and machines. However, Travel Jin Shop researched well to stock products that are absolute necessities for travel documenters as they have to look great as well.

Keep your mane looking salon ready with our 3 in 1 hair dryer. If your hair looks great, you feel confident and ready to take over the world be it any time of travel with long flight schedules or delays.

So shop for these travel accessoires online in US or anywhere in the world and make your trips more fun and less of a hassle.

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