Jordan – An oasis of love

UNESCO heritage site

The middle East is as old as life on this planet. Many religions and early life signs are seen in this region. As times passed, people learnt to think of Europe as a mirror of history. However, the old customs, religious festivals, war and peace treaties all stem from this area.

Jordan is a very safe and humble city in the middle East with an increasing number of tourists each year.

The history, the rich food, the diversity in the residents is all worth experiencing and recording. The visitors are important for the tourism industry of Jordan. However, as the country shares borders with turbulent regions many people are scared of it. But trust us, it is a beautiful country that has everything that you look in your travel and unwinding plan.

Jordan offers you

  • Delicious food
  • Historical sites
  • Dead Sea experience
  • Trail park and tourism

The sites of Jordan are just amazing and tell you so much about the civilliozations of the world. You can get to experience the era of crusaders, Roman warriors and many Biblical incidences that occurred in this land.

The Bedouins continue to follow their rural lifestyle amidst the modernization offered in the world and are happy in their way.  So if you plan to visit Jordan a few places that we recommend to appease your historical love and beauty appreciation of a country will be


Petra is a very obvious and most famous choice for Jordan tourists. This is a UNESCO HERITAGE SITE. After its discovery in the 18th century the Bedouins moved to another village. People marvel at the grit, power and intelligence of the people of who carved it in the sandstone hills.

Tourists visit this site to experience the day as well as night time. Morning hikes to see the glory of these beautiful frescoes. While the night at Petra is glorious and surreal near the Treasury ruin at Petra. Amidst the candle lights the pink stones tell the secrets of the past millennium in the most dramatic way.

Roman ruins

Ruins in Jordan

Those who love history also love Rome. The ruins of their era re found here. Just the way they conquered the whole world their imprints are in Jordan as well.  In Amman, you find Temple of Hercules at the Amman Citadel and wonder about the glory of the people then living. Visit Jerash for it is known to be the 6500 years old with great Roman architecture outside of Rome.

Dead Sea excursion

Not only you marvel at the wonder of nature but float till your heart desires. The Dead sea salts relieve the body and make the skin baby soft. So try your swimming and floating in the sea or use the salt as your spa essential and make your skin best as a gift from the mediterranena region.

Wadi Rum

The sand dunes, endless dessert to appeal the eye and the association with the Lawrence of Arabia is all what makes this place a must visit. The history of this place is immense but so is the beauty. One gets to see the bets of desert life here. The great Khazali and Burrah Canyon and the ancient rock drawings are some amazing sights of the place.

Wadi Rum valley is a must see place if you are a Hollywood buff.  One feels like thye are on another planet with the everlasting desert around them.


As crusades and wars was a norm then. You see remains of quite a few castles around. Quseir Amra is another UNESCO site. This castle is famous due to its frescoes. Karak Castle is much better preserved and its enormity gives one an idea of how big and fatal the battles were back then. When canons were used and men fought one on one. Ajloun Castle and Shobak castles are also famous in the outskirts of the cities between highways or away form urban areas of Jordan.

Red Sea and coastal love

Aqaba is a great place to take a dive in the Red sea.  Though Jordan’s coastal line is the smallest amongst its neighbors. But they get to have the same exotic sea creatures and reefs for nature lovers. So snorkel as your heart desires and explore the sea world of the middle east that is beautiful and less disturbed.

Trails and parks

Though the climate of Jordan may make one think that it is a dry barren area but the area once discovered is pretty. Mount Nebo that has religious significance is a short but interesting hike.  The view is interesting as one can see Dea Sea, Jerusalem, and  Bethlehem on a good clear day.

Jordan trail is one major attraction for people who believe in exploring on foot. The walk lovers can explore the whole country in around forty days. They start from north somewhere from  Um Qais in the far north covering around 402 miles and ending at Aqaba. Following this program, you can cover all the heritage sites of Jordan from north to south.

Dana Biosphere Reserve shows how Jordan has attempted to keep its natural reserves in better shape.  The Reserve finds a way through the Rift valley eventually leading to Africa. The town of Dana is a 15th-century relic than a business hub and now a peaceful place for farming and artist community. Their eco-friendly travel options and lodges make it more popular in the environmentally friendly circle.  The stone village here is another attraction.

This country is hospitable and loves tourists. If history and power is your favorite topic for travel peppered with religious and biblical references then Jordan is the mother of such destinations for you to visit.

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