Jamaica Reopens for Tourists

Carribbean shores

After three months the country is now open for tourists. Jamaica took preventative measures by closing its borders to contain the spread of coronavirus. 

However, anyone traveling to Jamaica will have to follow the strict rules that the country has set for tourists. The country has published a 119-page guide for local hospitality procedures. 

Unfortunately, the virus is still spreading in Jamaica. However, the country has reported only 615 confirmed cases and 10 deaths so far. 

Opening in Phases 

The country decided to open in phases. The first phase of reopening is from  June 15th to June 30th. It will be limited to a resilient corridor of coastline destinations between Negril and Port Antonia. 

Travelers who have a license for tourism business and transportation companies that have been assessed by the tourism board can operate in this region for now. 

Visitors and travelers will have to follow the precautionary measures. They will have to wear facemasks and practice social distancing while in the country. 

The country reopened its airports and seaports on June 1st. The country’s citizens and legal residents can now come back into the country. As they were unable to come previously due to lockdown. 

The country has a curfew in place from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. each night until June 30th

When Arriving at Jamaica 

People arriving at the airports will have to follow an extensive set of health screening protocols. They must have a mandatory pre-travel health authorization registration before departure. In the online form, the travelers will have to fill in some details such as an email address and password. 

Moreover, they will have to provide full personal and health information along with Jamaican local contact information. After completing and agreeing to the health agreement the travelers will have to complete a customs and immigration form. 

When a person submits the application, it is instantly reviewed and the level of risk for COVID-19 transmission will be checked. It is based on the details given by the person. 

The counter will not allow travelers above a certain risk threshold to travel to Jamaica at this time. Whereas those who are under the will be issued a travel approval document. 

Passengers must print all these approval documents to show at the check-in or boarding. Airlines will not let anyone travel to Jamaica without having proof of prior authorization. 

The temperature will be checked on the airports. There will be health screening and an interview with the health officer upon arrival. Anyone who shows symptoms of COVID-19 will have to quarantine. 

Non-Jamaican tourists who plan to travel outside of the approved tourist zone must take the COVID-19 test. They should quarantine in their hotel room or intended address until test results come back. 

Tourists who test positive should quarantine themselves where they are residing as long as they are ill. Else they can quarantine in at the government designated facility. 

Flights Operating to Jamaica 

American Airlines is restarting some flights soon. It will soon be flying from both Charlotte and Dallas Fort Worth to Montego Bay. The airline will start flying from Miami on July 2nd to Kingston for as low as $310 roundtrip in the main cabin. 

United Airlines has direct flights from Newark to Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, which is within the open corridor for 90,000 miles, and $140 in taxes and fees. 

Similarly, Delta Air Lines is flying to Kingston in the main cabin for $527 or $478 in basic economy. 

Southwest Airlines is expected to resume services to Montego Bay from Baltimore Washington International Airport and Orlando International Airport on July 1.

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