Italy Reopening for Tourists

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Italy is the world’s most popular and high-flying destination for decades. Millions of tourists visit Italy every year as the border is also connected to Vatican City. It is famous for its historic places such as Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, and the Pantheon. 

In March the country’s tourism came to a halt when the country announced lockdown to prevent the spread of Covid-19. In mid-April the government allowed residents to only come out of their homes for essential purposes such as medical emergencies, appointments, or essential grocery shopping. The role of police and forces to keep the people at home helped to prevent the virus from spreading. 

 Tourism Taking the Pandemic Hit

The tourism industry of the country suffered the most, but the officials believe that it will change as the country reopens its borders for tourists. The countries, which are members of the Schengen visa, will be allowed to come to Italy. There are about 25 countries included in the Schengen visa-free travel area, which covers most of Europe, and will be welcomed in the country with no restriction.

Tourists going to Italy will experience a lot of changes. Many restaurants are making the customers scan the QR codes through their own smartphones to access the menu and not using the menu card to decide the meal.  

In Italy shops, restaurants and bars are open and restaurants are advised to operate through takeaway only. Hotels are set to reopen till June, but only if they get bookings.

Italy takes Calculated Risk

The pandemic has claimed more than 30,000 lives and at the same time crippled Italy’s economy. The decision to reopen borders is a calculated risk, Italy needs people to come from abroad to boost tourism and support other sectors of their economy. The agriculture in Italy alone takes 350,000 people from countries like Poland, Hungry and Bulgaria to work as seasonal workers.

The historic churches will also reopen but the faithful will be required to observe social distancing. Cinemas and theaters will also open from June 15, however, large gatherings will remain banned.

Italy hopes to revive its tourism and economy with a calculated risk. The long lockdown has created much havoc for the people and the government both. The decision to reopen still comes with the fear of the pandemic.

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